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My research interests include evolutionary computation in general, representations for evolutionary design and interactive evolution.

I'm currently working on an 18-month postdoc in MIT, with Una-May O'Reilly and her EvoDesignOpt group. I'm studying graph representations and EC representations in general, distance measures in EC, and some applications including generative music.

Before coming to MIT, I was working on a 2-year IRCSET-funded postdoc in the NCRA group in UCD, described here.

Before that, I got my PhD in music technology and evolutionary computation in the University of Limerick, Ireland, supervised by Dr. Michael O'Neill (NCRA, UCD) and Dr. Niall Griffith (CSIS, UL). I used genetic algorithms to evolve synthesizer parameters under user guidance. The idea is that the user doesn't have to switch into analytical, parameter-setting mode, or even learn what parameters mean, in order to get the sound he or she wants. More here.

Details of supervision.