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here are two peer machines i've made. bug reports, suggestions, etc are welcome. put the .dlls and the .htmls in your gear/generators directory:

for educational purposes, here's a minimal generator:

even referring to skin.txt, i found it hard to figure out how to add a skin to a buzz machine, probably because i know nothing about windows programming. once i understood it, i wrote a little update.

i have to admit that, much as i love buzz, i'm finding myself inexorably drawn towards doing most of my programming and music writing on linux. that might not be permanent, but in any case i want to write up some ideas i've had for possible buzz machines. maybe someone else will take them up. feel free to do so without any obligation towards me, though i'd be grateful for a credit.

maybe i have some more ideas, i'll go through my notes. any other applications of the "Peer as effect/generator" idea?