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jeskola buzz (www.buzzmachines.com) is a music program i use a lot. you could call it an nth generation tracker, where n depends on your tracker experience. if you're interested in writing electronic music i can't recommend it highly enough.

some of my buzz instrumentals are available for download here. they're in the native buzz formats (and possibly zipped) - ie they're not mp3's and you need buzz to listen to them.

(required vst plugins should be available from www.kvr-vst.com).

one of the good things about buzz is that users can write their own plugins for it. i've written some.

I'm not using buzz anymore, mostly because I'm sticking to Linux these days. But it's been reincarnated in various ways: the most appealing to me is Aldrin. If/when I get a chance I'll be writing some plugins for that too.