Mp3cd - for world peace

Mp3cd - for world hunger

Mp3cd - for furbies everywhere

Mp3cd - for the GNU generation

Also for controlling an mp3 player (xmms) under linux from within Quake,
and any other game, or application which can play audio cds.

This is done by creating a device (/dev/mp3cdv) which
emulates the behaviour of a real cdrom drive.
Everything is passed to the xmms plugin, which process the request
and passes back a response.

I'm not sure if anyone is really going to be bothered using this
but hey - I had to do something interesting for my final year project :-)

Right then - here come the downloads:
The device driver module (86k)
The xmms plugin (11k)

Install instructions: INSTALL

You need the source for xmms.
You can also get it here: xmms-1.0.1 (703k)