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As you have surely gathered by now, my name is Daren Nestor, and I'm a computer programmer from Limerick, Ireland. I have a degree in Computer Systems from the University of Limerick, and am researching Software Visualization techniques applied to Software Product Lines with the LERO CSET (Centre for Science Engineering and Technology).

I also provide web contracting and general programming services, through GIR Solutions, and can be contacted at any time with regards to this. I will provide links to the appropriate website when that occurs.

I enjoy whitewater kayaking, and am a member of the UL Kayak Club. I've been all over Ireland, Wales, the Pyrenees and the Alps kayaking, and hope to get to Uganda before the White Nile is dammed. Seeing as the project is on a hiatus due to corruption investigations, I could be ok there!

I also enjoy a good book (as opposed to the rubbish ones), and have a decent, and growing, collection, including most of Raymond E Feists Midkemian work, Steven Erikson's brilliant Malazan Book of the Fallen series, Terry Pratchett's hilarious Discworld series, Robert Jordan's epic (and now drawn out) Wheel of Time series, Terry Goodkind's originally good, but now ruined by "might is right" speeches, Sword of Truth series, Janny Wurts' "War of Light and Shadow" and "Alliance of Light" series, Robin Hobbs' magnificent Farseer, Magic Ship and Golden Fool series amongst the heroic fantasy genre, and a science fiction collection including Asimovs Robot and Foundation series, Iain M Banks' fantastic Culture series, David Brin's fascinating Uplift series, as well as William Gibson, Orson Scott Card ("Enders Game" - if you haven't read it, do), Peter F. Hamilton, Kevin J. Anderson and Philip K Dick.