The War Room - Ireland Aircraft Crashes and wartime 1939 - 1945

The War Room is designed to provide a source of information about some aspects of the Second World War

Being Irish myself, I have devoted the main part of my site to dealing with events which took place in Ireland during the Second World War and that affected life in the country at that time.

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Apologies for visitors, I have not done anything to update this site for over three years now! My main area of interest has been the Foreign Aircraft Landings page. It has assumed all my efforts.

Dennis Burke, Dublin February 2007

Foreign Aircraft Crashes and Landings - 1939-1945
The story of Ireland and it's involvement in as the war. Updated 08th May 2007

Updated!- February 11th, 2007    Veiw Sources

used by the belligerents during the war, ie 'Overlord, Cobra' ;over 1000 at present. Updated 10th September 2004

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Updated May 2007

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