CODENAME Y/N Forces Involved ........DATE......... THEATRE DESCRIPTION
Dervish Y British 1941 08 Arctic The first arctic convoy to Russia from Britain.
EU Y Allied 1942 08 18 Arctic U.S.S. Tuscaloosa and 2 destroyers from Scapa Flow to North Russia with medical units and supplies.
Crofter Y Allied 1942? Arctic Token force of Norwegians sent to Northern Russia.
Indigo ? US 1940 (circa) Atlantic Pre-war, RAINBOW plan for a possible occupation of Iceland.
Fork Y British 1940 05 07-17 Atlantic Landing of Battalion of Royal Marines in Iceland from Greenock, Scotland.
Alabaster Y British 1940 05 17 Atlantic Troop convoy from Greenock to Iceland.
Alloy N British 1940 Autumn Atlantic Plan by CoSC to occupy the Azores in the event of a German threat. Later renamed BRISK
Brisk N British 1940 Autumn Atlantic Plan by CoSC to occupy the Azores in the event of a German threat. Ex ALLOY.
Shrapnel N British 1940 Summer Atlantic Plan by the CofSC to occupy the Canary Islands in the evnt Spanish agression. Later renamed PILGRIM.
Grey ? US 1941 (circa) Atlantic Prewar, RAINBOW plan to occupy the Azores Islands in the Atlantic.
Valut ? US 1941 . Atlantic Plan for peaceful occupation of the Azores.
Cutting Y Allied 1941 08 18 Atlantic Cutting and picking up of Dakar-Pernambuco cable in order to clear American Neutrality Zone area.
Pilgrim N British 1941 Autumn Atlantic Plan to invade the Spanish Canary Islands.  Subsequently abandoned. Ex plan SHRAPNEL. See also PUMA/TONIC
Puma N British 1941 Autumn Atlantic Plan to invade and capture the Spanish Canary Islands in response to Spanish intervention in Russia. (Renamed TONIC). See also PILGRIM & SHRAPNEL
Noah N US 1942 (circa) Atlantic JCS defensive plan for Iceland and Greenland.
Postmaster Y British 1942 01 13 Atlantic Seizure by Special forces of Axis shipping from Santa Isabel harbour in San Fernando Po, Gulf of Guinea.
Lifebelt ? Allied 1943 (circa) Atlantic The occupation of the Azores by Allied forces.
Salmon Y Allied 1943 (circa) Atlantic Anti U-boat campaign in the North Atlantic.
Tabarin Y British 1943 (circa) Atlantic Royal Navy operation to reclaim from Argentina areas of the South Pole claimed by that country in 1942.
Gondola Y British 1943 02 Atlantic RAF Coastal Command air search operation mounted in the Bay of Biscay to interdict U-Boats sailing to the Atlantic.
Enclose Y British 1943 03 20-28 Atlantic Anti U-boat campaign mounted in the Bay of Biscay.
Derange Y British 1943 04 13 Atlantic Full scale anti-U-boat campaign mounted by Coastal command in the Bay of Biscay.
Cocker Y US 1943 05 Atlantic Bombing mission by 2xBi17 and 2x B-24's of a German weather station on Sabine Island, Greenland.
Alacrity Y Allied 1943 10 Atlantic Occupation of the Azores
Oatmeal Y Allied 1943 10 Atlantic Occupation of the Azores
Freecar Y Allied 1943 12 27 Atlantic Cruiser & Destroyer patrols in the Atlantic Narrows.
Baker Roger Y US 1944 01 Atlantic Plan for interception and sinking of three enemy blockade runners by American Task Groups in conjunction with air patrols from Natal and Ascension Island.
Enclose II Y British 1944 06 05-13 Atlantic Anti U-boat campaign mounted in the Bay of Biscay.
Swamp Y British 1944 Summer Atlantic RAF anti-U-Boat campaign carried out in support of OVERLORD.
Broomstick Y Allied 1945 03 Atlantic Operation to counter an enemy breakout, either through the English Channel or through the Northern Passage, with the object of attacks on shipping.
Pledge Y Allied 1945 05 09 - 06 06 Atlantic Surrender of German U - boats at sea.
Disclaim Y Allied 1942 02 05 Balkans British aid mission to partisans near Sarajevo.
Harling Y Allied 1942 11 25 Balkans Clandestine operation in occupied Greece culminating in the destruction of the Gorgopotamos rail-bridge on 25 Nov.
Penitant Y Allied 1943 - 1944 Balkans Special forces operations mounted in the Dalmation Islands.
Soapsuds Y Allied 1943 (circa) Balkans The original plan for bombing of the Ploesti Oilfields, Rumania, renamed TIDALWAVE
Typical Y Allied 1943 05 29 Balkans Parachuting of military attaches to Titos forces in Yugoslavia. At the same time as German forces launced SWARZT I & II
Animals Y Allied 1943 06 Balkans Allied supported increase in Greek resistance operations against German occupation forces.
Bunghole Y Allied 1944 02 19 Balkans Operation involving using gliders to carry a Russian military mission to meet up with Tito and his partisan force
Gardening Y Allied 1944 04 08 Balkans Aerial mining campaign carried out on the Danube River in Romania and Hungary.
Bearskin Y Allied 1944 05 Balkans Release of certain information to Tito to co-ordinate a peak of Partisan activities against German LoC running North through Slovenia.
Gradient I Y Allied 1944 08 09-10 Balkans Raid by Army No. 9 Commando on the Losinj - Cres Island’s Bridge in the Adriatic.
Noahs Ark Y Allied 1944 09 Balkans The harassment of German forces retreating from Greece by Greek partisans.
Ratweek Y Allied 1944 09 01 Balkans Air interdiction campaign mounted against German communications in the Balkans.
Lochmaben Y British 1944 09 24 Balkans Raid mounted by the LRDG, KENForce patrol, in Albania in support of partisans there.
Manna Y British 1944 10 04 Balkans The landing of British III Corps in Greece.
Clowder Y Allied 1944 12 Balkans Attempt to make contact with Slovene Partisans made by the Allied forces.
Catherine ? British 1939 - 1940 Baltic Royal Navy plan to mount a naval sortie in the Baltic Sea.
Cannibal Y British 1942 12 17 Burma Offensive by Indian 14th Div. In the Arakan, with the aim of capturing Akyab by sea assault.  Landing element later cancelled
Ravenous ? Allied 1943 (circa) Burma Plan for Indian IV Corps to recapture North Burma in 1943. Cancelled by the Chinese.
Longcloth Y British 1943 02 Burma The first Chindit operation behind Japanese lines in Burma.
Capital ? Allied 1943 04 27 Burma Original British plan to recapture central Burma, planned before the U-GO offensive by the Jap. 15th Army.
Bullfrog ? British 1943 06 21 - 11 15 Burma Planned amphibious operation for the capture of Akyab, Burma.
Saucy Y Allied 1943 07 Burma Plan to invade Northern Burma as an alternative to ANAKIM with the aim of reopening surface communications with China.
Anakim ? US 1943 11 Burma Plan to invade Burma from the sea
Champion ? Allied 1943 Winter Burma A plan for a general offensive in Burma., renamed CAPITAL.
Abnormal Y Allied 1944 (circa) Burma Advance by Chinese - US forces on Yeu, Burma
Billet Y Allied 1944 (circa) Burma Plan to transfer Burmese irregulars to India in order to train them in covert operations.
Buccaneer ? US 1944 (circa) Burma US plan to invade the Adaman Island in the Indian Ocean as a base for invading Burma
Cudgel Y? British 1944 (circa) Burma Operations on the Arakan coast north of Akyab, Burma by Brit. XV Corps.
Gripfast Y British 1944 (circa) Burma Modified TARZAN plan, for an advance in the Indaw-Katha area of Burma.
Loyalist ? British 1944 (circa) Burma Operations to liberate Burma as early as possible.
Prize Y Allied 1944 (circa) Burma The overall campaign for the re-conquest of Burma.
Screwdriver I Y Allied 1944 (circa) Burma Landings on the Arakan Coast by Commando forces.
Screwdriver II Y Allied 1944 (circa) Burma Landings by No. 5 Commando at Ton Chang, Arakan, Burma.
Vanguard ? British 1944 (circa) Burma Plan for the capture of Rangoon, Burma renamed DRACULA
Pigstick ? British 1944 01-02 Burma Planned landing of troops behind Japanese positions on the Mayu Penn. As part of BULLFROG by Brit. 2nd Div.  Cancelled
Thursday Y British 1944 03 05 Burma Second Special Force (Chindits) operation mounted deep behind Japanese lines in Burma.
Stamina Y Allied 1944 04 18 Burma The operation to airlift reinforcements to the Imphal plain from the Arakan region.
Romulus Y Allied 1944 12 Burma Operation for the clearance of Arakan down to and including Akyab in Burma in conjunction with CAPITAL.
Talon Y British 1944 12 14 Burma Operations for the assault of and capture of Akyab and Ramree island, Burma
Spartan Y Allied 1944 Summer Burma The air supply operation into the Imphal fortress during U-GO
Tarzan ? British 1944 Summer Burma Plan to advance in the Indaw - Katha area of Burma in concert with THURSDAY operation
Dragoon ? British 1945 (circa) Burma Brit. XV Corps landing near Rangoon, Burma.
Nation Y Allied 1945 (circa) Burma JEDBURGH Team action on the Sittang river blocking the escape of Jap. 28th Army.
Bamboo ? British 1945 . Burma Operations against Hastings Harbour, Victoria Point area, Burma
Lightening Y Allied 1945 01 03 Burma The quickly organised landing on and occupation of Akyab Island by 3rd Cdo. Brig. Following its abandoning by Japanese forces.
Pungent Y British 1945 01 12 Burma Landing by 3 Cdo. Brig. At Myebon in the Arakan.
Matador Y British 1945 01 21 Burma 26th Ind. Division landing at Ramree island, Burma.
Pendant Y British 1945 01 30 Burma Landing by elements of 36th Indian Bdg. At Sagu Kyun during operatiosn against Ramree island
Mike Y British 1945 02 04 Burma Landing by elements of 36th Indian Bdg. At Kyauknimaw on southern Ramree Island.
Block Y British 1945 02 09-22 Burma Combined army-naval operation to wipe out remaining Japanese forces on Ramree Island following landing by 26 Indian Div.
Sankey Y British 1945 02 26 Burma Commando (Force Wellington) landing at Cheduba, Burma.
Turret Y British 1945 03 13 Burma 4th Ind. Brigade landing at Letpan, Burma.
Bishop Y British 1945 04 27 - 05 06 Burma Covering operation for DRACULA
Gable Y British 1945 04 29 Burma Royal navy patrols mounted in the Gulf of Martoban.
Dracula Y British 1945 05 02 Burma The landing by Indian XVth Corps at Rangoon, Burma.
Adoption Y British 1945 06 Burma Naval patrols mounted between the Adaman Island and Burmese coast to Japanese sea withdrawals.
Character Y Allied 1945 06 Burma A JEDBURGH team blocking action in the Karen Hill’s, Burma against the escaping Japanese armies.
Passport N Allied 1945 06 Burma Planned advance by 25th Ind. Div. To capture Minbya in the Arakan region. Cancelled subsequently.
Extended Capital Y Allied 1945 12 Burma The revised campaign in Burma by Fourteenth Army involving the attack by IV Corps on Meiktila.
Toreador ? British 1945 Spring Burma Planned airborne assault on Mandalay
Dillwyn Y Allied 1945 Summer Burma A JEDBURGH operation in the Kachin Hills of Burma.
Bungalow ? US 1942 (circa) Caribbean US Navy contingency plans for the occupation of Martinique and Guadeloupe, Caribbean Sea.
Decanter ? US 1942 (circa) Caribbean USN plan for the possible capture of French Guiana.
Floodlights Y US 1942 (circa) Caribbean Blockade of the French West Indies.
Fusilier Y US 1942 (circa) Caribbean Blockade of French Guiana by USN forces.
Mudbath Y US 1943 (circa) Caribbean U.S. Army occupation of Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana.
Daybreak Y Allied 1942 05 27 Cent. Europe The assassination of Reinhardt Heydrich by Czech agents in Prague
Blunderhead Y Allied 1942 10 24 Cent. Europe A one man undercover raid against shale-oil mines in Estonia?
Autonomous Y British 1943 12 Cent. Europe British secret mission to Romania to confer with authories there with regard to the country defecting from the Axis.
Reunion Y US 1944 08 31 Cent. Europe The evacuation of US airmen from Bucharest following the Rumanian surrender.
Freston Y Allied 1944 12 26 Cent. Europe An unsuccessful allied undercover mission to Poland.
Downfall ? US 1945 11 Cent. Pac Overall codename for the plans to invade the Japanese home islands.
Beguile Y US 1945 (circa) Cent. Pac Air Operations against Hokkaido, Japan
Starvation Y US 1945 03 Cent. Pac American mining of Japanese home waters beginning in March 1945
Conceal Y US 1945 04 28 Cent. Pac Carrier raid on Tokyo.
Barney Y US 1945 05 27 - 06 30 Cent. Pac US navy submarine force,  3 week offensive anti shipping patrol in the Tsushima Strait, Japan Sea
Centreboard Y US 1945 08 09 Cent. Pac The Atomic bombing raid on Hiroshima, Japan.
Olympic ? US 1945 11 01 Cent. Pac Intended invasion of Kyushu I, Japan.
Majestic ? US 1945 Winter Cent. Pac Plan to invade the island of Kyushu, Japan.
Coronet Y US 1946 04 Cent. Pac Allied plan to invade the island of Honshu, Japan.
Orange ? US 1941 03 Cent. Pac. Prewar, RAINBOW contingency plan for war against Japan
Bankrate Y US 1943 02-03 Cent. Pac. The Marshall Islands Campaign
Kourbash ? US 1943 11 15 Cent. Pac. Plan to invade the island of Nauru during the GALVANIC operation.
Galvanic Y US 1943 11 20 Cent. Pac. Plans for operations to capture, occupy, defend and develop bases in the Gilbert Islands and Nauru Island.
Mudbank Y US 1944 (circa) Cent. Pac. Operations carried out against Ponape, Caroline Is.
Roadmaker Y US 1944 (circa) Cent. Pac. Operations against the Caroline Islands.
Flintlock Y US 1944 01 31 - 02 07 Cent. Pac. Operations on Kwajalein and Majuro Atolls, Marshall Islands.
Catchpole Y US 1944 02 01 Cent. Pac. US assault on the Eniwetok and Ujelang Atolls, Marshall Is.
Hailstone Y US 1944 02 17 Cent. Pac. Carrier assault on Truk I., Caroline Is. In conjunction with GALVANIC.
Granite Y US 1944 03 Cent. Pac. The campaign in the central pacific in 1944 involving operations in the Marschall Islands
Forager Y US 1944 06 11 Cent. Pac. Capture of the Marianas Islands.
Stalemate Y US 1944 09 Cent. Pac. The Palau Is. Campaign.
Cataract Y US 1944 Summer Cent. Pac. Marshall Is. Campaign by US Cent. Pac. Comm.
Buzzer ? US 1944? Cent. Pac. Operations for the capture of Wake Island.
Insurgent Y US 1945 (circa) Cent. Pac. Operations by POA forces to support the occupation of Mindanao, P.I.
Nonstop Y US 1945 (circa) Cent. Pac. Redeployment of US forces after the defeat of Germany.
Induction Y US 1945 01 Cent. Pac. Operations by Central Pacific Forces to assist the South-West pacific forces landings on Luzon, P.I.
Detachment Y US 1945 02 Cent. Pac. Assault on Iwo Jima I., Volcano/ Bonin IS.
Jamboree Y US 1945 02 Cent. Pac. Carrier strikes by TF58 on Japan, in the run up to ICE BERG
Iceberg Y US 1945 03-04 Cent. Pac. Operations by US forces to occupy areas in the Ryuku Is., leading to the Battle for Okinawa Island.
Inmate Y US 1945 06 12-16 Cent. Pac. Destruction of Japanese air stations in the Truk Atoll, Caroline Is.
Juneau Y US 1945 07 Cent. Pac. Minesweeping operation carried out around Okinawa.
Husband Y Allied 1945 Autumn Cent. Pac. Continuation of the WEDLOCK plan.
Pastel I Y US 1945 Autumn Cent. Pac. Plans in conjunction with WEDLOCK
Wedlock Y US 1945 Autumn Cent. Pac. Deception operation to create the impression that the invasion of Japan would come from the Aleutians, a cover for OLYMPIC/CORONET
Causeway ? US 1945 Spring Cent. Pac. Operations planned against Formosa Island, cancelled and DETACHMENT carried out.
Crasher Y US 1945 Spring Cent. Pac. US operations against Luzon - SE Chinese coast - Formosa area.
Notebook Y Allied 1943 Autumn China Build-up of the Air Transportation route to China.
Liquidator Y Allied 1944 (circa) China Campaign in China
Matterhorn Y US 1944 06 15 China Very long range air operations from the Chengtu area in China against vital targets in the Japanese inner zone.
Alpha ? Allied 1944 11 China US plans to defend Kunming & Chungking against Japanese attacks by taking forces from the Burma and Salween fronts.
Grubworm Y US 1944 12 05 China The air transport of the Chinese 14th and 22nd Divisions to China in preparation for the Yunnan campaign.
Corbonado ? Allied 1944 Summer China A revision of the BETA plan.
Twilight ? US 1944 Summer China Plan for strategic bombing of Japan proper by June 1944, using Chengu as initial staging area.
Beta ? Allied 1945 (circa) China Plan to capture a port on the Chinese Coast.
Longtom ? US 1945 (circa) China Plans for landings on the Chinese coast.
Rashness ? Allied 1945 (circa) China Offensive operations to be conducted by China Theatre forces in 1945 (Cancelled, CARBONADO substituted).
Isolator Y US 1945 . China Operations against he Southwest coast of China.
Bluebird ? US 1945 03 China Plans for landings on Formosa and the South China Coast. Not carried out and the plans later used as a deception measure during DETACHMENT.
Carbonado Y Allied 1945 06 07 China Offensive operations by Chinese forces to clear the Hong Kong/Canton area and assault Fort Bayard.
Apple Y Allied 1945 07 12 China Airborne landing by Chinese Nationalist forces behind Japanese lines near Kaiping, China in operation to harass their LoC.
August Storm Y Russian 1945 08 09 China Invasion of Manchuria by the Far Eastern armies of the USSR
Rooster Y Allied 1945 Spring China The return to China of the Chinese 22nd Division.
Culverin ? Allied 1943 06-11 DEI Operations planned for assault on Northern Sumatra, DEI.
Tradesman Y US 1944 (circa) DEI Air operations against the Dutch East Indies.
Cockpit Y British 1944 04 19 DEI RN Eastern Fleet airstrikes against Sabang, Sumatra.
Crimson Y British 1944 07 17 DEI Royal Navy carrier and surface attack on Sabang.
Liberator N Allied 1945 (circa) DEI Planned operations for the liberation of the Dutch East Indies following landings in the Philipines
Meridian Y British? 1945 01 01 DEI Attack on Palembang, Sumatra, refineries by carrier borne aircraft
Lentil Y Allied 1945 01 04 DEI Second RN carrier attack on Pangkalang Brandan preliminary to MERIDIAN
Oboe III ? Australian 1945 05 DEI Planned landing by elements of Aust. 9th Div. At Bandjermasin, Borneo.  Cancelled due to lack of shipping.
Oboe IV ? Australian 1945 05 DEI Planned landing in the Surubaya area on Java Island, DEI by I Australian Corps
Oboe VI ? Australian 1945 05 DEI Planned landing on British Borneo and consolidation of remaining areas of the DEI following the completion of other OBOE operations.
Oboe I Y Australian 1945 05 01 DEI Landings at Tarakan by elements of 9 Aust. Div.
Oboe VI Y Australian 1945 06 10 DEI Landings in Brunei Bay by Aust. XX Div.
Balsam Y British 1945 06 18-20 DEI Royal Navy Photo Recon missions flown in preparation for ZIPPER operations etc.
Oboe II Y Australian 1945 07 01 DEI Landings at Balikpapan, Borneo by  7 Aust. Div.
Impersonal Y Allied 1945 09 28-30 DEI Allied occupation of Batavia, Java I., DEI.
Cringle N Allied 1945 Summer DEI Planned opeartions to recapture Mindanao (Philipines) - Borneo - NEI. Revised to PRINCETON.
Peter N US 1945 Summer DEI Plans to clear the Borneo area. Renamed and carried out as OBOE series.
Breach Y British 1941 02 02 East Africa Denial to enemy of Mogadishu, Italian Somaliland, and reception base; destruction of shipping and harbour facilities and mine-laying of approaches.
Canvas Y British 1941 02 25 East Africa Occupation of the ports of Kismayu and Mogadishu, It. Somaliland.
Appearance Y British 1941 03 16 East Africa Landings east and west of Berbera, British Somaliland
Atmosphere Y British 1941 04 08 East Africa Capture by British of Massawa, Eritrea, Read Sea
Chronometer Y British 1941 06 11 East Africa British capture of he port of Ascab, Eritrea
Pentagon Y Allied 1942 12 28 East Africa Occupation of French Somaliland by Free French Forces.
Raspberry British 1941 10 East Front PLAN.
Velvet British 1941 Autumn East Front Plan to send troops from the Middle East to assist Russian forces in Southern USSR.
Pike British 1941 Spring East Front Proposals to use RAF bombers to cripple the Russian oil production in the Caucasus during the period of the German - Russian pact.
Velvet ? British 1942 (circa) East Front British plan to send air forces to fight in Russia.
Uranus Y Russian 1942 11 19 East Front Massive offensive launched by the Russian Fronts around Stalingrad to crush the German operation in the Don bend and relieve Stalingrad.
Mars Y Russian 1942 11 23 East Front Large offensive mounted by Kalinnin Front forces against AG Centre forces around Rzhev.
Little Saturn Y Russian 1942 12 East Front Soviet offensive to prevent German forces from relieving Germans in Stalingrad
Saturn Y Russian 1942 12 16 East Front Offensive launched on the Upper Don with the object of cutting off most German/Axis forces in German Army Groups A and B.
Gallop Y Russian 1943 01 East Front Offensive by the Russian Voronezh Front on the Don following the offensive at Stalingrad.
Star Y Russian 1943 01 East Front The offensive launched by Voronezh Front on the Don River.
Koltso (Ring) Y Russian 1943 01 09 East Front The destruction of the German 6AOK pocket at Stalingrad.
Iskra (Sparks) Y Russian 1943 01 12 East Front The offensive operation which finally broke the German stranglehold on Leningrad.
Kutusov Y Russian 1943 07 12 East Front Offensive by  Fronts against the Orel salient following the Battle of Kursk.
Rumyantsev Y Russian 1943 08 03 East Front The counter aoffensive mounted against Kharkov on the southern edge of the Kursk salient.
Suvorov Y Russian 1943 08 07 East Front The assault on Smolensk area by Western Front forces.
Concert Y Russian 1943 09 19 East Front Large scale partisan campaign all over the northern and central front in an effort to aid the impending Red Army offensive.
Bagration Y Russian 1944 06 22-24 East Front Massive offensive by the Red Army against German Army Group Centre resulting in the recapture of Belorussia.
Barrage Y British 1943 11 11-13 Indian Ocean Combined sea and air operation to intercept Japanese submarines carrying important officials from Germany to Singapore.
Diplomat Y Allied 1944 03 19 - 04 02 Indian Ocean Protection operation for Allied shipping on India - Australia routes.
Colossus Y British 1941 02 10 Italy Attack by airborne commandos on the Tragino Aqueduct.
Truncheon ? Allied 1943 (circa) Italy Plan for an invasion of Italy.
Marigold Y British 1943 05 30 - 06 01 Italy Landing military personnel along East Coast of Sardinia
Bigot Y US 1943 07 Italy Plan for the employment of Northwest African Air Forces and Attached Air Forces in Operation HUSKY
Chestnut Y Allied 1943 07 Italy Allied air reinforcements to the Sicily beach-heads.
Ladbrooke Y British 1943 07 09 Italy The British airborne assault on Ponte Grande bridge, Sicily.
Fustian Y British 1943 07 13-14 Italy Airborne assault by Brit. 1st AB brig. On the Primosole Bridge, Sicily.
Marston Y British 1943 07 14 Italy The airborne assault on the Primosole bridge in Sicily by 1st Airborne Brig.
Hammer Y Allied 1943 08 31 Italy Naval bombardment of Reggio, S Italy.
Barracuda ? Allied 1943 09 Italy Plan to directly assault the Port of Naples.  Cancelled because of the Italian collapse
Buttress ? British 1943 09 Italy Plan to land on the toe of Italy in the Gulf of Gioia
Gangway ? Allied 1943 09 Italy Allied plan to capture Naples directly.  Cancelled following the collapse of Italy
Giant ? US 1943 09 Italy Plan to drop the US 82nd Airborne Div. On Rome to aid the belligerent Italian authorities upon the armistice.
Goblet ? Allied 1943 09 Italy Operations planned against Crotone area, Italy.
Mustang ? Allied 1943 09 Italy Plan to advance on Naples after an initial landing in Calabria, later cancelled following Italian armistice.
Quicksilver ? British 1943 09 Italy Proposed preliminary landing at Bova Marina prior to BAYTOWN.
Avalanche Y Allied 1943 09 09 Italy Landings by US Fifth Army at Salerno
Slapstick Y British 1943 09 09 Italy British 1st Airborne Division landing in Taranto, Italy.
Baytown Y British 1943 09 3 Italy Invasion of Reggio del Calabria by UK V Corps from Sicily
Polygon Y Allied 1943 10 03 Italy Diversionary operation during capture of Termoli, Italy, giving the enemy cause to believe a landing was being made behind his lines.
Partridge Y British 1943 12 29-30 Italy Feint by elments of UK 56th Divison and No. 9 Cdo. Across the mouth of the Garigliano River.
Musket ? Allied 1943 Autumn Italy Plan to land the US Fifth Army near Taranto on the heel of Italy, later cancelled.
Rudder Y Allied 1943 Summer Italy First Allied mission to support Italian partisans
Raincoat Y Allied 1944 (circa) Italy Attack against the Camino Hills, Italy
Sunstar ? Allied 1944 (circa) Italy Plan for an Allied landing in Italy on the North Adriatic coast.
Pommegranate Y British 1944 01 12 Italy SAS raid on San Egido airfield.
Shingle Y Allied 1944 02 22 Italy Landing by US VI Corps at Anzio, Italy behind the German Casino Line.
Dickens Y Allied 1944 03 15 Italy The attack mounted against the Casino position by the NZ
Strangle Y Allied 1944 03 19 Italy Allied air interdiction campaign launched against German communication in Central Italy in conjunction with the final offensive at Cassino.
Buffalo Y Allied 1944 03 23 Italy The offensive by US VI Corps out of the Anzio bridgehead.
Dunton Y Allied 1944 04 Italy Deception plan in the lead up to DIADEM, the offensive against the Cassino position.
Panther Y Allied 1944 05 Italy The crossing by Brit. X Corps of the Garigliano River, Italy.
Diadem Y Allied 1944 05 11 Italy The final Allied assault in the Battle of Casino resulting in the defeat of the German forces there.
Honker Y Allied 1944 05 11 Italy British Eighth Army part in DIADEM offensive.
Bradman Y US 1944 05 15 Italy The aerial bombing mission carried out by the US airforce on the Monte Casino monastery prior to the 3rd Battle of Casino.
Chesterfield Y Allied 1944 05 23 Italy Candian Corps attack at Cassino on the Senger Line defences as part of DIADEM
Hasty Y Allied 1944 06 01 Italy Airborne operation behind German lines by UK 1st AB Brig
Astrolabe Y British 1944 06 14-15 Italy Popski’s Private Army jeep raid from the mouth of the River Tenna, It.
Mallory Major Y Allied 1944 07 12-15 Italy Air offensive mounted against the Po river crossings in an attempt to slow the German retreat.
Olive Y Allied 1944 08 25 Italy Allied offensive against the German Gothic Line defensive barrier.
Cavalcade Y British 1944 09 Italy Advance by british Eight Army onto during OLIVE.
Pancake Y Allied 1944 10 Italy The air attack campaign mounted on the Gothic line defences during OLIVE.
Galia Y British 1944 12 27 Italy Raid by SAS forces north of La Spezia, Italy.
Chuckle Y Allied 1944 12 30 Italy Attack by 1st Canadian Corps on the Montone River aimed at Ravenna
Aniseed ? British 1944 Autumn Italy Planned raid by SBS on Lussin Piccolo, Adriatic.
Herring Y Allied 1945 (circa) Italy Airdrop by paratroops behind the Po River in Italy.
Chariton Y British 1945 02 04 Italy SOE partisan support operation in North West Italy.
Fourth-term Y US 1945 02 04-11 Italy US Fifth Army attacks in the Serchio Valley, Italy.
Cold Comfort Y British 1945 02 17 Italy An attempted SAS raid to block the Brenner pass  German supply route into Italy.
Encore Y US 1945 02 19 Italy Attack by US 10th Mtn. Division in the Northern Apennines.
Tombolo Y British 1945 03 04 Italy Month long SAS operation in the Emilia Romagna, Italy.
Lever Y Allied 1945 04 Italy The clearance of the area between Reno and lake Coacchio by Eighth Army.
Fry Y Allied 1945 04 02 Italy The assault and occupation of the islands on Lake Comachio.
Roast Y Allied 1945 04 02 Italy The clearance of Commachio Spit, Italy.
Secondwind Y US 1945 04 05 Italy Attack by 92nd Inf. Div. On Massa, Italy.
Buckland Y Allied 1945 04 09 Italy Offensive by 8th Army against German force south of the Po river.
Grapeshot Y Allied 1945 04 09 Italy 15th Army Group spring offensive in Italy. See BUCKLAND and CRAFTSMAN
Craftsman Y US 1945 04 14 Italy The final main US Fifth Army offensive in the Po Valley, Italy.
Corncob Y Allied 1945 04 20 Italy Three days of air raids agasint German bridges over the Adige and Brenta Rivers.
Kolko ? Allied 1945 05 Italy Actions in conjunction with the surrender of German forces in Italy
Sunrise Y Allied 1945 05 Italy The surrender of German forces in Italy.
Throat Y British 1942 07 02 Madagascar Capture of Mayotte Isle (Comoro Island), Madagascar
Ironclad Y British 1942 09 10 Madagascar Landings on the island of Madagascar by Commonwealth forces.
Stream Y British 1942 09 10 Madagascar Capture of Majunga, Madagascar by Allied Forces
Tamper Y British 1942 09 10 Madagascar Diversionary landing at Morondava, Madagascar
Esme B Y British 1942 09 11 Madagascar Capture of Nossi Bay, Madagascar by British forces.
Jane Y British 1942 09 18 Madagascar Assault landing to capture Tamatave, Madagascar.
Rose Y Allied 1942 09 29 Madagascar Landing at Tuleer.
Esme A Y British 1943 09 10 Madagascar A military diversion consisting of an advance from Ambilobe during capture of Majunga, Madagascar.
Sparrow ? Allied 1940 06 Mediterranean Franco-British plan to occupy Crete in June 1940, it was abandoned after France's surrender in June 1940
Hats Y British 1940 08 30 Mediterranean Royal Navy convoy sent to the besieged Island of Malta.
Squawk Y British 1940 08 31 Mediterranean Diversionary operation by RN destroyers in conjunction with HATS
Dudley N British 1940 10 Mediterranean Plan to land a force in Italy with the intention of capturing Rome and pushing the country out of the war quickly during February 1941. Abandoned due to practicalities and changed Axis situation in Spring 1941.
Judgment Y British 1940 11 11 Mediterranean Carrier strike carried out by Royal Navy against the Italian fleet at anchor in Taranto Harbour.
Collar Y Allied 1940 11 17 Mediterranean A two part convoy sent from Gibraltar and Alexandria to the island of Malta.
White Y British 1940 11 17 Mediterranean Second attempt to deliver fighters to Malta Island.
Excess Y British 1940 12 16-20 Mediterranean A Royal Navy convoy to Greece and Malta.  It came under the first attacks made by the German X Fliegerkorps in the Mediterranean.
Workshop N British 1940 Autumn Mediterranean Plan to capture and hold the island of Pantelleria. Considered from mid 1940 into 1941. No longer practical aftr February 1941.
Lustre Y British 1941 02 20 Mediterranean The operation to dispatch forces to Greece from North Africa
Abstention Y British 1941 02 24-25 Mediterranean Unsuccesful No. 50 Commando raid to seize the Italian occupied island of Castelorizzo off the Turkish coast
Coat Y British 1941 03 Mediterranean RN reinforcements for convoys around Crete. Sent from England.
Demon Y British 1941 04 Mediterranean The evacuation of Commonwealth forces from the Greek mainland to Egypt and Crete.
Tiger Y British 1941 05 06 Mediterranean RN convoy from England with tanks for Operation Battleaxe
Scorcher Y British 1941 05-06 Mediterranean Evacuation of the Island of Crete by allied forces.
Substance Y British 1941 07 20-28 Mediterranean A supply convoy sent to the island of Malta.
Style Y British 1941 08 Mediterranean RN convoy sent to Malta.
Halberd Y British 1941 09 Mediterranean A relief convoy to Malta sent from Gibraltar.
Perpetual Y British 1941 11 12 Mediterranean Convoy to Malta.
Influx ? Allied 1941 Spring Mediterranean Early British plan to invade Sicily as a follow up to COMPASS.
Mandibles ? British 1941 Spring Mediterranean Plan to occupy islands in the Dodecanese group as a follow up to COMPASS.
Breastplate ? Allied 1942 - 1943 Mediterranean Plan to attack Sousse, Tunisia from Malta.
Float Y Allied 1942 - 1943 Mediterranean Plan of action to be taken by OSS/SOE to hamper enemy troop movements to a depth of 200 miles from the south coast of France.
Hardihood Y Allied 1942 (circa) Mediterranean Assistance provided to Turkey by the Allied governments in order to entice her to join the war against the Axis.
Picket Y British 1942 03 21-29 Mediterranean Reinforcement of Malta Island with Spitfire fighters
Calendar Y British 1942 04 20 Mediterranean Resupply of aircraft to Malta I. By the USS Wasp.
Bowery Y British 1942 05 09 Mediterranean An aircraft-carrier supply mission to Malta to reinforce the Islands air defences with Spitfire fighters.
Harpoon Y British 1942 06 05-12 Mediterranean A relief convoy sent to Malta.
Vigorous Y British 1942 06 13 Mediterranean A Royal Navy relief convoy to the Island of Malta.
Pinpoint Y British 1942 07 16 Mediterranean Reinforcement of Malta Island with Spitfire fighters
Insect Y British 1942 07 21 Mediterranean Supply of Spitfires to Malta by the RN carrier HMS Eagle.
Kennecott Y Allied 1942 08 Mediterranean A deception plan to give the impression of an attack on occupied Greece
Bellows Y British 1942 08 11 Mediterranean An aircraft-carrier supply mission to Malta to reinforce the Islands air defences with Spitfire fighters.
Baritone Y British 1942 08 17 Mediterranean A mission to supply Spitfire fighters to the island of Malta, the first such operation to involve the USS Wasp.
Pedestal Y British 1942 08 22 Mediterranean British merchant convoy (14 ships) which left N England to the besieged island of Malta. 5 vessels reached the islands enabling Malta to continue its resistance
Anglo Y British 1942 09 04-17 Mediterranean Special forces raid on German airfields on Rhodes Island, Aegean Sea.
Trail Y Allied 1942 10 24 Mediterranean Supply of Spitfire fighters to Malta from aircraft carriers
Portcullis Y British 1942 11 Mediterranean Convoy to Malta. One fo the last convoys prior to the end of the islands siege.
Minerva Y Allied 1942 11 06 Mediterranean Rescue of General Henri Giraud in Bormes Road, 20m E. Of Toulon, S. France.
Neptune Y Allied 1942 11 07-08 Mediterranean Rescue of General Giraud's staff off the River Var, nr Nice, S. France
Stoneage Y British 1942 11 17-20 Mediterranean Royal Navy convoy to the Island of Malta.
Leap Y Allied 1942 12 20-31 Mediterranean Destruction of Axis ships attempting to enter the Mediterranean.
Whipcord Y Allied 1942 Spring Mediterranean Plan to invade Sicily in the followup to CRUSADR and ACROBAT.
Handcuff ? British 1943 - 1944 Mediterranean Allied plans for attacks in the Dodecannese Islands.
Albumen Y British 1943 (circa) Mediterranean SBS raid on German airfields on Island of Crete
Fanfare Y Allied 1943 (circa) Mediterranean All preparations for HUSKY.
Firebrand Y Allied 1943 (circa) Mediterranean Assault and capture of Corsica by French ZZ
Priceless Y Allied 1943 (circa) Mediterranean Post - HUSKY operations planned for the Mediterranean.
Sandwich ? British 1943 (circa) Mediterranean The first convoy sent to Malta following the defeat of Axis forces in North Africa.
Saturn Y Allied 1943 (circa) Mediterranean Allied support for Turkey, previously HARDIHOOD.
Principle Y British 1943 01 02 Mediterranean Attack by British human torpedoes known as "Chariots" on the Italian ports of Palermo, Cagliari and Maddelina, with object of destroying Italian naval and merchant shipping.
Flax Y Allied 1943 04 05-22 Mediterranean Air blockade mounted by allied fighter forces to prevent Axis forces from escaping defeat in Tunisia
Retribution Y Allied 1943 04-06 Mediterranean Campaign to prevent Axis forces reaching Italian territory if they should attempt to evacuate Tunisia.
Snapdragon Y Allied 1943 05 01 Mediterranean Landing on Pantelleria Island.
Etna Y Allied 1943 05 06 Mediterranean landing of agents on Corsica.
Entertain Y Allied 1943 05 27 Mediterranean Dummy reconnaissance of beach on south-eastern corner of Zante in Kieri Bay as a diversion for operation HUSKY.
Turkey Buzzard Y British 1943 06 Mediterranean Reinforcement flight of Horsa gliders for LADBROOKE operation.
Begger Y British 1943 06 03 Mediterranean An air operation to tow 40 Horsa gliders from teh UK to Morrocco prior to the invasion of Sicily.
Corkscrew Y Allied 1943 06 11 Mediterranean The invasion of the island of Pantelleria by UK 1st Inf. Div.
Hobgoblin Y Allied 1943 06 11 Mediterranean Capture of Pantelleria Island.
Broom ? Allied 1943 07 Mediterranean Subsidiary attack in conjunction with HUSKY
Mincemeat Y Allied 1943 07 Mediterranean Allied cover and deception plans in the Mediterranean area prior to operations in Sicily
Husky Y Allied 1943 07 10 Mediterranean The invasion of Sicily Island by Allied forces.
Thesis Y British 1943 07 23 Mediterranean A mass strafing raid on Crete, with object of attack on airdrome and military targets and to re-inforce the morale of the Cretans
Gander Y Allied 1943 08 09-10 Mediterranean Party landed on the Island of Castellorizo in the Aegean Sea in order to take advantage of the Italian Armistice before the Germans could take control.
Tidalwave Y US 1943 08 1 Mediterranean Bombing of the Ploesti Oil fields, Rumania
Ferdy Y Allied 1943 09 08 Mediterranean Landing in the Vilo Valentia area, Italy by cc army.
Gibbon Y Allied 1943 09 08 Mediterranean Controlled surrender of Italian warships and merchant ships at the time of the Italian armistice.
Norman Y Allied 1943 09 09 Mediterranean Capture of Sardinia and Corsica.
Devon Y Allied 1943 10 2-3 Mediterranean Assault on Termoli, It., by British Eight Army.
Chickweed Y British 1943 11 03 Mediterranean Bombardment by RN destroyers of enemy positions in the Vasto area, Italy.
Clock Y British 1943 11 2-3 Mediterranean Bombardment by RN destroyers of Durazzo harbour and other installations on the coast of Albania
Brimstone ? Allied 1943 Autumn Mediterranean Allied plan to invade the island of Sardinia, Sicily chosen instead
Accolade ? British 1944 (circa) Mediterranean Plan to invade and capture the island of Rhodes
Barclay Y Allied 1944 (circa) Mediterranean Deception plan carried out to give the impression of an Allied threat against the Balkans and the French Riviera.
Dogfish ? Allied 1944 . Mediterranean Plans for the entry into Greece of allied liaison forces in the event of a German surrender or withdrawal.
Hercules ? Allied 1944 . Mediterranean Plan for British forces to capture the Island of Rhodes in the Aegean.
Detained I Y Allied 1944 03 18-19 Mediterranean Operation to kill or capture the entire garrison of the German held island of Solta, off Yugoslavia, by landing a small force.
Cooker Y US 1944 04 19 Mediterranean Special forces raid on Southern Cretan beaches.
Detained II Y Allied 1944 05 08-10 Mediterranean Landing of a large force of partisans on Solta, in vicinity of Vis Is., Yugoslavia, in 5 British LCIs and withdrawn the following night.
Bricklayer Y Allied 1944 05 14 Mediterranean Capture & removal of Gen. Kreipe and party from Crete during allied special forces raid.
Brassard (Buzzard) Y France 1944 07 17 Mediterranean Recapture of the Island of Elba by 9th Colonial Div.
Garway Y British 1944 07 23 Mediterranean Movement of troops to and from Cyrus.
Span Y Allied 1944 08 14 Mediterranean A feint from Corsica against the flank of the enemy's position in Italy; carried out in connection with DRAGOON
Dragoon Y Allied 1944 08 15 Mediterranean US VI Corps landing in Southern France.
Vesuvius Y French 1944 09 11 Mediterranean The liberation of the Island of Corsica.
Toplink Y Allied 1944 Autumn Mediterranean Plan to assist in containing the greatest possible number of enemy troops in Northern Italy until ANVIL.
Zeppelin Y Allied 1944 Spring Mediterranean Deception plan by the allied armies to create the illusion that they were planning landings in the South of France and in the Balkans.
Burnsall Y British 1944? Mediterranean Special forces operation mounted by Allied HQ, in Italy
Caraway ? US 1944? Mediterranean Tentative plans for operations against the Istrian Penn.
Cave Y British 1945 02 28 - 03 01 Mediterranean Liquidation of the German garrison on Piscopi I, Dodecanese Is., Aegean Sea
Crossword Y Allied 1945 05 01 Mediterranean Surrender of German and Italian land, sea and air forces under command of German Commander-in-Chief, Southwest Mediterranean.
Exporter Y Allied 1941 06 08 Middle East The Allied invasion of Vichy Syria.
Acquisition Y British 1941 07 23 Middle East Occupation of Anglo-Persian Oil companies facilities, Southern Persia
Contenance Y British 1941 08 25 Middle East Occupation of Persia by Commonwealth forces.
Demon Y British 1941 08 25 Middle East Occupation of Abadan, Persia by British forces.
Copperhead Y Allied 1944 (circa) Normandy Covert operations to distract German vigilance in the run up to OVERLORD.
Conebo Y British 1944 06 Normandy Coastal Command blockade of the Eastern Channel Entrance during OVERLORD.
Cork Y British 1944 06 Normandy Coastal Command blockade of the Western Channel Entrance during OVERLORD.
Overlord Y Allied 1944 06 Normandy General operational plan for the invasion of mainland Europe.
Detroit Y US 1944 06 05-06 Normandy Initial drop by US 82nd Airborne Division on St. Mere Eglise and on the Merederet River. (See ELMIRA & GALVESTON)
Chicago Y US 1944 06 06 Normandy An operation carried out by US 101st AB Div. Part of OVERLORD.
Elmira Y US 1944 06 06 Normandy Reinforcment landings for the US 82nd Airborne Division
Flashlamp Y British 1944 06 06 Normandy Bombing raids mounted against German coastal batteries on the Normandy coast, part of OVERLORD (NEPTUNE)
Fortune Y Allied 1944 06 06 Normandy The supporting naval operations for the carrying out of OVERLORD.
Full-house Y US 1944 06 06 Normandy Early morning fighter sweep on the channel and invasion beaches by US fighters.
Keokuk Y US 1944 06 06 Normandy Reinfocement landings by 101st AB Div in support of CHICAGO/OVERLORD
Mallard Y British 1944 06 06 Normandy Reinforcement of the first a/b wave of the Brit. 6th AB Div. In the Normandy beachehad on the evening of the 6th June.
Royal Flush Y US 1944 06 06 Normandy Fighter sweeps mounted by 8th and 9th US Army Air Forces in conjunction with OVERLORD
Stud Y US 1944 06 06 Normandy Fighter missions flown by 8th and 9th Army Air Force units in conjunction with OVERLORD
Titanic Y Allied 1944 06 06 Normandy Dropping of dummy parachutists across Normandy as a deception measure.
Tonga Y Allied 1944 06 06 Normandy Early morning reinforcement flights for the Brit. 6th Airborne Div. In its Normandy beachhead.
Wiper Y Allied 1944 06 06 Normandy Liquidation of enemy opposition on Isles D'Hyeres
Galveston Y US 1944 06 07 Normandy Reinforcement landings by 82nd Airborne Division in support of DETRIOT/OVERLORD
Hackensack Y US 1944 06 07 Normandy Reinforcements landed by 101st Airborne Division iin support of CHICAGO/OVERLORD
Rob Roy Y British 1944 06 07-10 Normandy Air supply missions to the 6th Airborne Division in its Normandy bridgehead
Perch Y British 1944 06 10 Normandy Attack launched towards Villers Bocage by Brit. 7th Arm. Div
Dreadnought ? British 1944 06 18 Normandy Planned breakout by British forces from the Orne B/H in Normandy.
Dauntless Y Allied 1944 06 25 Normandy Offensive by UK XXXth Corps.
Epson Y Allied 1944 06 25 Normandy Brit. Second Army offensive mounted by the VIII Corps.
Martlet Y British 1944 06 25 Normandy Advance by Brit. 49th Div. to capture Fontenay-le-Pesnel and Rauray
Windsor Y British 1944 07 04 Normandy Attack involving the capture of Carpiquet airport by Can. 3 Div.
Windsor Y Allied 1944 07 04 Normandy Offensive by Brit. Second Army west of Caen, France
Charnwood Y Allied 1944 07 08 Normandy Offensive involving Brit. I Corps, which captured Caen.
Jupiter Y British 1944 07 10 Normandy Attack by Brit. VIII Corps forces near Caen,
Greenline Y Allied 1944 07 15 Normandy Attack launched by Brit. VII Corps west of Caen.
Atlantic Y Allied 1944 07 18 Normandy Can. II Corps operation during GOODWOOD advance
Express Y Allied 1944 07 25 Normandy Offensive west of the Orne River involving Brit. XII corps forces.
Pullman Y British 1944 07 25 Normandy Diversionary attack by Brit. XII Corps in conjunction with SPRING
Spring Y British 1944 07 25 Normandy Attack mounted by Can. II Corps along Verrieres Ridge. 
Bluecoat Y British 1944 07 27 Normandy Armour assault in conjunction with Operation COBRA by Second Army on Mont Picon and the Vire River.
Totalize Y Allied 1944 08 04 Normandy The attack mounted by Canadian First Army against the neck of the Falaise pocket.
Tractable Y Allied 1944 08 14 Normandy Renewed attacks by Canadian First Army on Falaise, France
Paddle Y Allied 1944 08 17 Normandy Attack NE of Falaise by 21st Army Group.
Goodwood Y Allied 1944 08 18 Normandy Large offensive launched by Brit. Second Army. Failed in the face of heavy German resistance on July 20th.
Transfigure ? Allied 1944 Autumn Normandy Plan for an airborne force to drop on and block the German reatreat across the Seine River, France
Compass Y Allied 1940 12 09 North Africa First offensive by British forces in North Africa against the Italian Tenth Army.
Scipio N Allied 1940 Summer North Africa Plan proposed by Free French Command for combined operation against the Port of Dakar, West Africa. Developed into plan MENACE.
Brevity Y British 1941 03 15-17 North Africa First failed offensive by Eighth Army at Halfaya Pass, Libya
Addition Y British 1941 04 19-20 North Africa Evacuation of British troops from Bardia, Libya
Battleaxe Y British 1941 06 15 North Africa Failed second offensive at the Halfaya Pass, Libya.
Springtime Y British 1941 11 14 North Africa Raids by SAS & LRDG forces on Tobruk.  Mission failed.
Flipper Y British 1941 11 17/18 North Africa Raid by Cdo. forces on a house in beda Littoria believed to be used by Rommel. Raid in conjunction with CRUSADER.
Crusader Y British 1941 11 18 North Africa The third offensive mounted by Eighth Army at the Halfaya Pass.
Super-gymnast ? Allied 1942 (circa) North Africa Revised GYMNAST plan to land in Morocco and Algeria.
Falaise Y Allied 1942 01 12 North Africa A sabotage raid mounted in French North Africa.
Scipio Y British 1942 04 06 North Africa Attack mounted at Akari.?, by Eighth Army.
Chocolate Y British 1942 04 25 North Africa Air attacks launched by British aircraft on Tobruk from temporary base set up in the desert for the operation.
Limerick N Allied 1942 05 North Africa Planned offensive by XIII Corps during the Battle at Gazala. Cancelled due unfavourable circumstances
Hornblower ? British 1942 06 29 North Africa Preparation for demolition of Alexandria Harbour, Egypt, Stage Two.  Depth charges and explosives were ready but not placed in positions in order that plan should not be disclosed to Egyptians.
Aberdeen Y British 1942 06 4 North Africa Counterattack by British armour at Knightsbridge, during the battle at the Gazala line
Enormous Y British 1942 07 12 North Africa RN bombardment of Mersa Matruh area, Egypt.
Manhood Y Allied 1942 07 26 North Africa Attack by British 8th Army during First Battle of El Alamein with intention of capturing Miteiriya Ridge
Beresford Y Allied 1942 09 03 North Africa Attack from Munassib, in the El Alamein defence line by 2nd New Zealand Div. And 132 UK Brig.
Agreement Y British 1942 09 13 North Africa The attack on Tobruk by Combined forces as part of ROSEMARY. See also DAFODIL, possible other code for this operation.
Bigamy Y British 1942 09 13 North Africa SAS attack on Axis positions around Benghazi as part of ROSEMARY. See also SNOWDROP, possible other code for this operation.
Caravan Y British 1942 09 13 North Africa LRDG attack on Barce airfield as part of ROSEMARY. See also HYACINTH, possible other code for this operation.
Dafodil Y British 1942 09 13 North Africa Combined forces raid on Tobruk. See also AGREEMENT, SNOWDROP, TULIP, HYACINTH and ROSEMARY.
Hyacinth Y British 1942 09 13 North Africa Raid by LRDG on Barce airfield as a diversion to DAFODIL. See also CARAVAN and ROSEMARY
Nicety Y British 1942 09 13 North Africa Failed attack on the Jalo oasis by elements of SDF and LRDG as part of ROSEMARY. See also TULIP, possible other codename for this operation.
Rosemary Y British 1942 09 13 North Africa Covername for SAS, LRDG and other Special Forces raids in Cyrenica around this date. See also AGREEMENT, CARAVAN, BIGAMY, NICETY.
Snowdrop Y British 1942 09 13 North Africa Failed SAS raid on Benghazi, see also BIGAMY. See also ROSEMARY, AGREEMENT, DAFFODIL, TULIP & HYACINTH
Tulip Y British 1942 09 13 North Africa Raid by Sudan Defence Force (SDF) on the Jalo Oasis as part of ROSEMARY plan. See also NICETY.
Lightfoot Y Allied 1942 10 23 North Africa Offensive by Eighth Army at El Alamein.
Supercharge Y British 1942 11 02 North Africa The second phase of eight Armies offensive at El Alamein, Egypt.
Bertram Y British 1942 Autumn North Africa Deception operations to cover the build up for Operation LIGHTFOOT
Acrobat N British 1942 Winter North Africa Plan to follow on from CRUSADER into Tripolitania.
Fireeater Y British 1943 01 15 North Africa Attack by 8th (British) Army on Beurat and Tripoli in the pursuit from El Alamein.
Childhood Y British 1943 01 20 North Africa Attack by MTB’s from Malta on the Moles at Tripoli to interfere with demolition and blocking of harbour by retreating Axis forces.
Avonmouth Y British 1940 04 Norway Plan to send forces to support the Finns by landing in Norway and advancing across that country and Sweden.
Boots ? British 1940 04 Norway Renamed HAMMER plan entailing a frontal naval landing on Trondhiem.  Abandoned on 19 Apr. 1940
Hammer ? British 1940 04 Norway Original plan for naval assault against Trondheim, renamed BOOTS.
Henry Y British 1940 04 Norway RM landing force sent to Namsos, Norway.
Maurice Y British 1940 04 Norway British army ground operation to accompany the BOOTS operation.
Maurice Y British 1940 04 Norway The British attack force sent to Trondheim, Norway.
Plymouth ? British 1940 04 Norway Flank protection plan to be used with AVONMOUTH force in order to protect its southern flank within Sweden.
Primrose Y British 1940 04 Norway Diversionary landing made at Aalesund, Norway south of Trondheim.
Rupert Y Allied 1940 04 Norway The expedition to capture and hold Narvik, Norway.
Stratford ? British 1940 04 Norway Flank protection plan to be sent with the AVONMOUTH plan forces to protect its southern flank within Norway.
Wilfred Y British 1940 04 07 Norway Operation to mine the Norwegen coast to block it to German shipping bringing iron ore from Sweden.
Sickle Y British 1940 04 14 Norway The landings and pincer attack on Trondheim, Norway  from Namsos and Andalsnes by UK forces. Operation abandoned by early May.
Duck Y British 1940 04 17 Norway RN bombardment of Stavenger, Norway.
Paul ? British 1940 05 Norway Plant o mine the entrances to Luea harbour in Sweden to prevent Ore shipments through there to Germany.
Klaxon I & II Y Allied 1940 05 02-03 Norway Evacuation of Namsos and Narvik, Norway.
Alphabet Y British 1940 06 05 Norway Evacuation of British troops from Narvik
Church N British 1940 Summer Norway Plan proposed in July 1940 to destroy the port of Petsamo, norway to prevent ore shipment to Germany.
Rubble Y Allied 1941 03 Norway The clandestine extraction of freighters from Gotenhafen Harbour.
Claymore Y British 1941 03 04 Norway Raid by 3 and 4 Commandos on fish oil factories on the Lofoten Is, Norway.
Gauntlet Y Allied 1941 08 24 - 09 02 Norway Destruction of facilities in Spitzbergen and removal of Russian inhabitants to Archangel, U.S.S.R. and Norwegians to United Kingdom.  Carried out by Canadian forces.
Kitbag N British 1941 12 12 Norway Planned raid on Floro, north of Bergen by elms of 6 Cdo. Cancelled due to navigation difficulties close to target.
Anklet Y British 1941 12 27 Norway Combined Operations raid on the Lofoten Islands by 12 Cdo. See ARCHERY
Archery Y British 1941 12 27 Norway Combined operations raid on the Vaagso area of the Norwegian coast to destroy enemy shipping and shore batteries by 2 & 3 Cdo. See ANKLET.
Audacity N British 1942 02 Norway Plan to land a large raiding force at Vaagso with the intention of drawing the German Norway fleet to battle with the Royal navy Home Fleet. Abandoned after arrival of battleship Tirpitz in Norway.
Performance Y Allied 1942 04 1 Norway Attempt to remove merchant ships from Gotenhafen Harbour, Norway.
Solo Y Allied 1942 08 1 Norway Deception plan to give the impression of a landing in Norway.
Musketoon Y Allied 1942 09 20-21 Norway 2 Cdo. raid on Glomfjord Power Station. Force landed from submarine 15 September.
Swallow Y Allied 1942 10 18 Norway Reconaisance force sent to prepare for GUNNERSIDE, the attack on the Rjukan (Vermok) heavy water plant.
Freshman Y British 1942 11 19 Norway Airborne commando raid on the Rjukan (Vermok), heavy water plant in Norway. Failed due to crash of attack gliders and towing aircraft. Supported by GROUSE team.
Grouse Y Allied 1942 11 19 Norway A preparitory mission by Norwegian commandos to prepare landing for the FRESHMAN team. GROUSE stays on and takes part in GUNNERSIDE as SWALLOW team.
Jupiter N British 1943 - 1944 Norway Plan to land and capture airfields in Norway.
Tindal Y Allied 1943 - 1944 Norway Deception plans to give impression of a possible landing at Stavanger in Norway.
Wadham Y British 1943 - 1944 Norway A planned series of raids to give the deception that a large operation was planned in the area Cap de la Hogue and Brest.
Cartoon Y British 1943 01 23-24 Norway Commando raid on a mine mine on the island of Stord near Leirvik, Norway by 10 and 12 Cdo's.
Gunhouse N Allied 1943 02 Norway Plan for a month long sabotage mission by North Force in Norway.
Brandy Y British 1943 02 14-15 Norway Commando raid against German shipping at Floro, Norway by 10 & 12 Cdo's
Gunnerside Y Allied 1943 02 27 Norway The destruction of the Rjukan (Vermok), Heavy water plant by British commandos and the remnants of the SWALLOW mission.
Crackers Y British 1943 02 29 Norway Commando raid on Sogne Fjord, Norway by 10 and 12 Cdo's.
Round-about Y Allied 1943 03 23 Norway Aborted raid by Allied raiding force at Landet in Norway.
Checkmate Y British 1943 04 29 Norway Commando raid against shipping in Haugesund, Norway by 14 Cdo.
Governor Y Allied 1943 07 26 Norway A diversionary fleet maneuver by Royal Forces against Southern Norway in support of HUSKY.
Title Y British 1943 10 Norway Failed first attack on the German battleship Tirpitz in Norway by Royal navy Chariot mini sub. Bad weather foiled mission.
Leader Y US 1943 10 04 Norway Airstrikes mounted by the USS Ranger Air Wing 4 on the Norweigen coast.
Cosmic ? Allied 1944 03 Norway Allied plans to combat any breakout attempt by the battleship Tirpitz from Altenfiord, Norway.
Foremost Y British 1944 03 20 Norway RN submarine concentration off the Norwegian coast to counter the German Battleship Tirpitz.
Sophia Y Allied 1944 04 03 Norway FAA carrier assault on the German Battleship Tirpitz in XXX Fjord
Tungsten Y Allied 1944 04 03 Norway FAA carrier assault on the German Battleship Tirpitz in XXX Fjord
Planet ? British 1944 04 24 Norway Planned carrier attack on the battleship Tirpitz, cancelled because of bad weather.
Brawn Y British 1944 05 19 Norway Operation to deliver a second heavy air strike on the German Battleship Tirpitz in Altenfiord and incapacitate her for the rest of the war.
Cygnus Y British 1944 05 28 Norway Rescue mission by RN Special Operations MTB to pick up SIS personel and Norweigen Civilains from Batalden Island
Tiger Claw Y British 1944 05 28 Norway Planned carrier attack on the battleship Tirpitz, cancelled due to bad weather.
Baptism Y Allied 1944 05-06 Norway Air reconnaissance from Northern Russia for the battleship Tirpitz
Blues ? British 1944 06 Norway British plan to carry out carrier strikes on Southern Norway
Lombard Y Allied 1944 06 Norway A diversionary operation carried out over Norway in conjunction with OVERLORD
Seagull Y British 1944 06 Norway Raid mounted against the smelting works in Arendal, Norway.
Mascot Y British 1944 07 17 Norway Carrier strikes launched against the German Battleship Tirpitz at anchor off the Norwegian coast.
Goodwood Y British 1944 08 22-28 Norway Carrier strikes mounted by Royal Navy on the German Battleship Tirpitz.
Source Y British 1944 09 11 Norway Royal Navy X-craft, midget sub attack on the German Battleship Tirpitz.
Paravane Y British 1944 09 15 Norway Attack by Lancaster Bombers of Raf 9 and 617 Sqn.s on the German Battleshp Tirpitz in Altenfiord, Norway
Apostle II Y Allied 1945 (circa) Norway Plan for the return to Norway following the unconditional surrender of all German forces in Norway while German resistance continues elsewhere
Topseed ? Allied 1945 (circa) Norway Contingency plans in the event that German forces in Norway gave continued resistance.
Apostle I Y Allied 1945 . Norway Plan for the return to Norway following the unconditional surrender of Germany and the cessation of all organized resistance in Europe.
Open Door Y British 1945 02 15 Norway Royal Navy operation which rescued the inhabitants of Soroy Island.
Aladdin Y British 1945 05 03-31 Norway British operations in Southern Norway around VE-Day
Menace Y Allied 1940 09 23 NW Africa The attempted landing at Dakar by British and Free French forces. Deafeated by Vichy French resistance. A development of plan SCIPIO.
Black ? US 1941 (circa) NW Africa US contingency RAINBOW plan involving a landing at Dakar.
Catapult Y British 1941 07 03 NW Africa Royal Navy action against the French fleet anchored at Mer-el-kebr.
Barrister Y Allied 1942 (circa) NW Africa Operation for the capture of Dakar, Africa (ex-Black, ex-Picador)
Rooftree Y US 1942 11 NW Africa Joint US Army and Navy plan for participation in TORCH.
Terminal Y Allied 1942 11 08 NW Africa Charging of boom defence at Algiers, North Africa, part of TORCH
Blackstone Y US 1942 11 09 NW Africa The landing by Western TF at Safi, Morrocco, part of TORCH
Brushwood Y US 1942 11 09 NW Africa The landing by Western TF at Fedala, nr Casablanca, part of TORCH
Goalpost Y US 1942 11 09 NW Africa The landing by Western TF at Mehdia, Morrocco, part of TORCH
Hayfield Y Allied 1942 11 09 NW Africa Sub plan of TORCH involving...
Hutton Y Allied 1942 11 09 NW Africa Sub plan of TORCH involving....
Reservist Y Allied 1942 11 09 NW Africa The seizure of Oran harbour, part of TORCH
Torch Y Allied 1942 11 09 NW Africa Landings by Allied forces in Algeria and Morrocco.
Perpetual Y Allied 1942 11 11 NW Africa Landing of Eastern TF reserves at Bougie, Algeria and the push east.
Satin ? Allied 1942 12 NW Africa The Allied original plan of operations following TORCH in which they would have attacked Sfax and Gabes on the Tunisian east coast.
Cackle Y US 1942 12 - 1943 03 NW Africa The build up of US air forces in North Africa folowing sucess of TORCH. Involved flying aircraft from UK to NA via Bay of Biscay.
Gymnast ? Allied 1942 Autumn NW Africa Early 1942 plans for joint operations in NW Africa by Anglo-American forces. Developed into TORCH.
Mohican ? Allied 1942 Autumn NW Africa Post GYMNAST, Pre TORCH plan for landings by Allied forces in NW Africa
Largesse Y Allied 1943 01 05 NW Africa Landing of force near Sfax, East Tunisian coast, to destroy Italian lines of communication and to coincide with Allied advance from West Tunisia.
Canter Y British 1943 03 16 NW Africa Clearing up operations mounted by elements of 50th and 51st (British) Divisions on the Mareth Line positions.
Walk Y British 1943 03 16 NW Africa Clearing operation by 201 (British) Guards Brigade on the south west end of Mareth Line.
Wop Y US 1943 03 17 NW Africa Offensive by US II Corps on Gafsa in concert with 8th (British) Army attack on the Mareth Line.
Pugilist - Gallop Y Allied 1943 03 20 NW Africa British Eight Army offensive on the Mareth Line, Tunisia.
Supercharge II Y British 1943 03 26 NW Africa 8th (British) Army breakthrough attack on the Mareth Line at El Hamma.
Oration Y British 1943 04 19 NW Africa Attack by X (British) Corps on axis positions at Enfidaville.
Vulcan Y Allied 1943 04 22 NW Africa Allied final offensive in Tunisia.
Accomplish Y British 1943 04 29 NW Africa Attack by 8th (British) Army.
Strike Y Allied 1943 05 06 NW Africa Attack by IX (British) Corps on the Tunis - Medjex Road during final 18th Army Group assault on Tunis.
Saar Y French 1939 09 07 NW Europe The offensive mounted by the French Army in Lorraine, into German held territory.
Grasp Y Allied 1940 (circa) NW Europe Seizure of French vessels in British ports after the fall of France by Allied forces.
Royal Marine ? British 1940 04 NW Europe Plan to sow mines in the river Rhine.
Dynamo Y British 1940 05 26 - 06 04 NW Europe Evacuation of BEF  and French troops from Dunkirk Harbour, France.
Haddock Y British 1940 06 NW Europe Bombing operations by RAF 99 Sqn. From bases in Salon, France, against Italy following that countries entry into the war.
Spirit Y Allied 1940 06 NW Europe Evacuation of Polish troops from Southern France
Cycle Y British 1940 06 11-13 NW Europe Evacuation of BEF troops from Le Havre, France.
Aerial Y British 1940 06 16-18 NW Europe Evacuation of BEF & French troops from Northern France from North West France ports.
Collar Y British 1940 06 23-24 NW Europe Commmando style raids by 11 Independant Cdo. On French coast between Etaples and Boulgne, France with the aim of capturing German personnel. One of the earliest such raids.
Napoleon Y British 1940 06 30 NW Europe Defensive measures taken in Dover in the event of a German landing.
PE ? British 1940 07 05 NW Europe General arrangements for naval ships in the event of invasion of England.
Ambassador Y British 1940 07 15-16 NW Europe Raid by 3 Cdo. and 11 Indp. Coy. on Guernsey, with the aim of capturing enemy personnel. Unsucessful.
Tomato N British 1940 Autumn NW Europe Plan proposed in September 1940 for a raid to destroy German forces on the Channel Islands. Cancelled for lack of resoures and due to the likely repercussions on the island population
Ransack N British 1941 - 1942 NW Europe Plan to land a large hit and run force of up to brigade strenght on the Northern French Coast. Trimmed down and abandoned. Was considered as late as 1942 in the Pas de Calais area.
Rhubarb Y British 1941 - 1942 NW Europe RAF fighter sweeps over the occupied countries.
Hunt ? British 1941 (circa) NW Europe Contingency plans for military intervention in Southern Ireland in the event of a German landing there.
Savannah Y British 1941 03 15 NW Europe Early SOE operation which inserted 5 French agents into France near Vannes.
Barbaric Y Allied 1941 03 20-21 NW Europe Plan to land parties from 12 Cdo along French Coast between Calais - Dunkirk and Boulogne - Somme Bay to capture prisoners etc.. Cancelled just prior to setting sail.
JV Y British 1941 04 12 NW Europe Attack by Troop 101 (Folbot) in ship in Boulongne Harbour.
Sunrise Y British 1941 07 24 NW Europe RAF bombing raid on the German pocket battleships anchored at Brest and La Pillice.
Chess Y British 1941 07 27 NW Europe Reconnaissance raid on Ambleteuse, France by elms. 12 Cdo
Cartoon N British 1941 08 NW Europe Plan to land a raiding force in conjunction with ACID DROP force on French coast, abandoned at a late stage in planning.
Acid Drop Y British 1941 08 30-31 NW Europe Raid against Hardelot, France by elms. 5 Cdo. No contact made.
Chopper Y British 1941 09 27/28 NW Europe Commando raids against  St. Vaust and St. Aubin, France by 1 Cdo.
Astrakhan Y British 1941 11 12-13 NW Europe Commando raid against Houlgate, France by 101 (Folboat) Troop
Sunstar Y British 1941 11 22-23 NW Europe Commando raid on Houlgate, France by 9 Cdo.
Abigail Y British 1941 12 16-17 NW Europe Series of concentrated Bomber Command bombing raids against Breman, Dusseldorf and Mannheim.
Irrigate N British 1941 Summer NW Europe Plan to land a large size raiding force at a point on the northern French Coast to harass the garrison forces.
Foretop N Allied 1942 - 1943 NW Europe Plan to raid U-boat bases on French coast, abandoned as too impractical.
Sesame N Allied 1942 - 1943 NW Europe Plans for large raids on European mainland to support Russia. See IMPERATOR, RANSACK, FORETOP, ROUND-UP, SLEDGEHAMMER & JUPITER.
Rankin N Allied 1942 - 1944 NW Europe Contingency plan for the return to the Continent in the event of German disintegration. Planned from May 1942
Busybody ? British 1942 (circa) NW Europe Plan, 1 of 5,for a commando raid to kill/capture enemy personnel at Hardelot, France.
Earthquake ? British 1942 (circa) NW Europe Plan to assault and destroy coastal batteries at Equilan, France by Commando type forces.
Ration Y Allied 1942 (circa) NW Europe Interception of Vichy French Ships.
Roughshod ? British 1942 (circa) NW Europe Special forces plan to destroy German HQ at Winiereux, France
Roundhammer ? Allied 1942 (circa) NW Europe Plan for landing in France between SLEDGEHAMMER and ROUNDUP.
Turnscrew ? British 1942 (circa) NW Europe Plan to mount Commando raid on German forces at Ambletuese, France
Curlew Y British 1942 01 NW Europe Raid by infantry section near St. Laurent, Normandy. No contact made.
Sickle Y US 1942 01 NW Europe The build up of USAAF 8th Army Air Force in England.
Magnet Y Allied 1942 02 NW Europe The build up of US forces in Northern Ireland
Biting Y British 1942 02 27-28 NW Europe Attack and capture of German Bruneval Radar station by 2 Para. Btn
Mymidon N British 1942 03 NW Europe Plan to attack targets in Bayonne in conjunction with CHARIOT. Force reached target but no attack made.
Chariot Y British 1942 03 27 NW Europe The CO raid on St Nazaire harbour and dry dock.
Abercrombie Y British 1942 04 21-22 NW Europe Commando raid on Hardelot, Frace.
Blazing Y British 1942 05 NW Europe Plan to attack and capture the Channel islands abandoned as having little military significance
Millennium Y British 1942 05 30-31 NW Europe RAF 1000 bomber raid on Cologne, the first 1000 bomber raid by RAF.
Bristle Y British 1942 06 NW Europe Raid by 6 Cdo. around Plage St. Cecile deafeated by German defense. See LANCING and DEARBORN.
Dearborn N British 1942 06 NW Europe A plan to capture a German radar station at St. Cecily, France in a Commando style raid later abandoned. See LANCING and BRISTLE.
Foxrock Y British 1942 06 01/02 NW Europe Raid by elms. Of 12 Cdo on St. Valery-sur-Somme, abandoned due to the convoy being found by German Naval forces
Acrostic N British 1942 07 NW Europe Plan to raid the Belgium coast at Knaben. Abandoned due to naval mine fields.
Armstrong N Allied 1942 07 NW Europe Plan for a CO raid against coastal battery at Cayeux.
Pipeline N British 1942 07 NW Europe Planned reconnaisance by SSRF on Fecamp, France.
Rutter N Allied 1942 07 NW Europe Early plan for a landing raid against Dieppe, France.
Syncopation N Allied 1942 07 NW Europe Plan to carry out prisoner raid on Ile Brehat, cancelled due to proximity to proposed location of SLEDGEHAMMER.
Airthief N British 1942 08 NW Europe Plan for a two man unit to land by canoe near an airfield in France and for one of them to capture a running German FW190 fighter and fly it back to England. Not carried out!!
Gabriel N Allied 1942 08 NW Europe Plan to make a landing on the Cotentin (Cherbourg) Penn. Similar in plan to RUTTER. Not developed to a great level.
Imperator N Allied 1942 08 NW Europe Spectacular plan to land and send a large mobile raiding force from NW coast of Franch to attack Paris in August of 1942. Rightly abandoned.
Overthrow Y Allied 1942 08 NW Europe Deception plan to give the impression of a landing in France
Barricade Y British 1942 08 08/09 NW Europe Raid by SSRF near St. Vaast, France.
Cauldron Y British 1942 08 12 NW Europe 4 Cdo. attack on German Hess Bty. At Dieppe as part of JUBILEE
Jubilee Y Allied 1942 08 18-19 NW Europe Combined Operations raid on Dieppe by the Can. II Corps with the aim of testing landing techniques.
Sledgehammer N Allied 1942 09 NW Europe Proposed landings by Allied forces on the Cotentin Peninsula S. of Cherbourg, France to open up the Second Front. Deferred in August 1942.
Dryad Y British 1942 09 02/03 NW Europe Raid for prisoners by SSRF on the lighthouse at Casquets Rocks, France. Operation had been attempted several times previous.
Branford Y British 1942 09 07 NW Europe Reconnaisance mission by SSRF of the Island of Burhou in the Channel Islands to determine its military usefulness
Aquatint Y British 1942 09 12 NW Europe SSRF raid on St. Honorine near Port-en-Bessin. Entire force lost.
Inspiration Y British 1942 09 22 NW Europe Round-up of French Tunny vessels and their being brought into Penzance, Cornwall
Aflame N British 1942 10 NW Europe Plan for a dummy naval demonstartion off the French coast to draw the Luftwaffe into action. Would have involved dummy parachutists.
Inhabit N British 1942 10 NW Europe Planned SSRF raid on Cap Levy, Cherbourg, France cancelled due to navigation problems.
Basalt Y Allied 1942 10 04 NW Europe SSRF commando raid on occupied Sark Island, Channels Is. The shooting of three fgerman prisoners led to hitler 'Commando Order' that in future raiders were to be shot.
Facsimile Y British 1942 10 16 NW Europe Raid planned by SSRF against Morlaix airfield France.
Robinson Y British 1942 10 17 NW Europe Daylight bombing raid by 94 RAF Lancasters on the Schneider- Creusot weaphons factory in Le Creusot, France
Farenheit Y British 1942 11 11 NW Europe Raid on semaphore station at Pointe de Plouezec by elm. 12 Cdo.
Batman Y British 1942 11 15 NW Europe Abandoned raid by SSRF on a location on the Cherbourg penninsula.
Frankton Y British 1942 12 11-12 NW Europe Combined operation landing from canoes carried in H.M.S./M Tun at mouth of Gironde River, France with object to destroy enemy shipping.  (Cockle Shell Heroes Raids)
Bludgeon N British 1942 Spring NW Europe Plan to raid Noordwijk in Holland for prisoners. Cancelled due to a coastal minefield.
Aimwell N British 1942 Summer NW Europe Plan to attack and capture the Channel islands abandoned as having little military significance
Lancing N British 1942 Summer NW Europe Two raids to capture or destroy a German Radar to provide a radar 'gap' for bomber aircraft between Boulogne and Le Touquet. See DEARBORN and BRISTLE.
National N Allied 1942 Summer NW Europe Plan to land a large force close to Boulogne and Biarritz. Abandoned
Greenback N Allied 1942 Summer - Autumn NW Europe Contingency plans for last resource atacks on French mainland in the event of a Russian collapse on the East Front.
Jostle Y Allied 1943 - 1944 NW Europe Campaign of radio jamming carried out against German R/T communications.
Pointblank Y Allied 1943 - 1945 NW Europe The Allied air offensive against Germany.
Bolero Y US 1943 (circa) NW Europe US build up in Great Britain for the invasion of Europe
Skyscraper ? Allied 1943 (circa) NW Europe Plan drawn up for a cross channel assault to land in France.
Cornet N British 1943 . NW Europe Plan to attack the Moehne Dam, Germany by flying Commandos into the lake using flying boats.
Huckaback Y British 1943 02 27 NW Europe Artillery reconnaissance of Herm I., Channel Is by SSRF. Originally planned for Spring 1941 but put on hold.
Backchat Y British 1943 03 01 NW Europe SSRF raid on beach Anse de St Martin, called off due encounter with German naval forces. Originally planned for Spring 1942 but put on hold.
Pussyfoot Y British 1943 04 03-04 NW Europe Raid by SSRF on Herm, France. Called off due to fog.
Bunbury N British 1943 05 NW Europe Plan to use paratroopers to land and wipe out the German garrisons of big and Little Sark Island's. Cancelled due HUSKY.
Chastise Y British 1943 05 16 NW Europe The RAF 617 Sqn. “Dambusters” strikes against the Ruhr Dams using bouncing bombs.
Forfar-Beer Y British 1943 07 NW Europe Commando raid by 12 Cdo on Eletot, France
Forfar-Easy Y British 1943 07 NW Europe Commando raid by 12 Cdo on Onival, France.
Forfar-Dog Y British 1943 07 05 NW Europe Commando raid by 12 Cdo on Biville, France
Gormorah Y British 1943 07 24 NW Europe An RAF 1000 bomber raid on Hamburg, Germany that used “Window” anti-radar equipment.
Counterstroke N British 1943 08 NW Europe Proposal to use parachutists to gain information about new 'rocket' sites in Northern France.
Forfar-How Y British 1943 08 03-04 NW Europe Attempted raid at Quend Plage, France.
Forfar-Love Y British 1943 08 04 NW Europe Raid north of Dunkirk, France by 2 SBS
Hydra Y British 1943 08 17 NW Europe Bombing of the Peenemunde V-2 rocket site.
Cucumber Y British 1943 08 -1944 04 NW Europe Interdiction of German sea convoys off the Dutch coast.
Pound Y Allied 1943 09 03/04 NW Europe Raid by 12 Cdo and 29 Rangers on Ushant.
Harlequin Y Allied 1943 09 09 NW Europe A naval deception operation with STARKEY to give an impression of an invasion force setting sail for France.
Starkey Y Allied 1943 09 09 NW Europe Operation to contain enemy forces in the west to prevent their transfer to Eastern Front, and to serve as a dress rehearsal in the Pas de Calais, France area for the invasion of W Europe. Unsuccessful attempt to draw the Luftwaffe into battle. See also HARLEQUIN.
Forfar-Item Y British 1943 09 1-4 NW Europe Commando raids at Eletot and St. Vaery en Caux, France by 12 Cdo.
Tunnel Y British 1943 10 2-3 NW Europe Unsuccesful Royal Navy attempt to capture German blockade runners in the English channel.
Madonna Able Y British 1943 10 27 NW Europe Unsucessful raid landing attempt at Scheveningen, Holland. Later attempted as PREMIUM.
Candlestick N Allied 1943 12 NW Europe Aborted series of raids on the French coast.
Manacles Y Allied 1943 12 NW Europe Aborted series of raids on the French coast. See also CANDLESTICK
Hardtack Y British 1943 12 23-28 NW Europe Series of Commando raids at various points along the Northern French coast by 4 and 10 (IA) Cdo's.
Cognac N British 1943 Spring NW Europe Plan to launch a paratroop attack on a power station in Milan.
Comatose N British 1943 Spring NW Europe Proposed plan similar to AIRTHIEF to steal a German aircraft.
Petrify N British 1943 Spring NW Europe Plan for SSRF & MGB to attack shipping in St. Peter port, Guernsey, Channel Islands. See also WITTICISM.
Round-Up N Allied 1943 Spring NW Europe Plan to make a full scale invasion of the European mainland in 1943. Deferred in August 1942.
Witticism N British 1943 Spring NW Europe Plan for SSRF & MGB to attack shipping in St. Peter port, Guernsey, Channel Islands. See also PETRIFY.
Arabian N British 1943 Summer NW Europe Plan to capture the U-boat bases Brittany, France using Combined operations, later named LETHAL. Cancelled due needs of HUSKY.
Cocksure N British 1943 Summer NW Europe Plan for a parachute raid in Norway, cancelled
Contour N British 1943 Summer NW Europe Plan for Combined Operations landing in Brittany, France. Cancelled due HUSKY.
Coughdrop N British 1943 Summer NW Europe Plan for parachute attack on Lorient U-boat bases. Cancelled due needs of HUSKY and deemed impractical.
Hadrian N British 1943 Summer NW Europe Plan to capture Cherbourg in france by a Combined Operations attack. Cancelled due to HUSKY.
Juggler Y US 1943 Summer NW Europe Coordinated operations against German fighter aircraft factories by 8th Air Force and North African Air Force.
Kleptomania N British 1943 Summer NW Europe Plan to attack Ushant with Combined Operations forces. Canceled due deemed utterly impractical.
Lethal N British 1943 Summer NW Europe Plan formally known as ARABIAN to capture britany U-boat bases. Cancelled due to HUSKY.
Arena ? Allied 1944 - 1945 NW Europe Proposed airborne operation in the Kassel-Fritzlau-Hofgeisar area, Germany
Baseball Y US 1944 (circa) NW Europe England to Russia air shuttle
Caliph ? Allied 1944 (circa) NW Europe Plan to land at Bordeaux following an OVERLORD landing in order to provide help to the Resistance forces.
Crossbow Y Allied 1944 (circa) NW Europe Allied air-campaign against V-1 launch sites on the continent.
Crosskeys ? Allied 1944 (circa) NW Europe Naval plans for landings in Denmark.
Eclipse ? Allied 1944 (circa) NW Europe Allied contingency plans in the case of a German collapse in Europe after the launching of OVERLORD. (Formally known as RANKIN, then TALISMAN
Fortitude (North & South) Y Allied 1944 (circa) NW Europe Deception operations which gave the impression of Allied threats against Norway (Fortitude North) and the Pas-de-Calais (F. South), France.
Jael ? Allied 1944 (circa) NW Europe A deception plan related to OVERLORD
Mespot Y Allied 1944 (circa) NW Europe Cover and deception policy for Western Europe from 1 January 1944 until NEPTUNE plus 21
Noball Y Allied 1944 (circa) NW Europe Air interdiction campaign against V-1 launching sites.
Pheasant Y Allied 1944 (circa) NW Europe Operation in Holland
Quicksilver Y Allied 1944 (circa) NW Europe Alternative name for FORTITUDE SOUTH
Ramrod Y Allied 1944 (circa) NW Europe Bomber escort missions by fighters ?
Tandem ? Allied 1944 (circa) NW Europe Contingency plan for disturbances in Germany or Austria.
Torrent Y Allied 1944 (circa) NW Europe Cover operations to conceal OVERLORD.
Triangle ? Allied 1944 (circa) NW Europe Contingency plans in the event of a major uprising in Germany.
Valediction N Allied 1944 . NW Europe Proposed offensive by Canadian First Army to clear the area between the Maas and Rhine rivers on the Dutch- German border. See VERITABLE.
Bodyguard Y Allied 1944 01 NW Europe Deception blueprint for operations used to cover up allied plans for the invasion of NW Europe
Carpetbagger Y Allied 1944 01 04 NW Europe USAAF supply missions too partisans in Western Europe.
Papoose N British 1944 02 NW Europe Proposal to launch a series of short labdings to destroy German rocket sites on near the French coast. Cancelled to sites destroyed by bombing.
Argument Y Allied 1944 02 20-25 NW Europe Full air offensive against German factories, also known as “Big week”
Premium Y British 1944 02 24/25 NW Europe Unsucessful raid landing attempt at Scheveningen, Holland. Attempted previously as MADONNA ABLE.
Nunton Y Allied 1944 03 NW Europe Allied cover and deception operation in conjunction with OVERLORD.
Scarf Y British 1944 04 15 NW Europe The landing of six SOE personel at Beg-an-Fry, Brittany, France by RN Special Operations MTBs.
Cockade Y Allied 1944 04 26 NW Europe Deceptions plans created to imply a threat against Boulogne and Brittany in France. See also STARKEY and HARLEQUIN
Jackpot Y US 1944 05 NW Europe Air sweeps of France by allied tactical air forces.
Tarbrush Y Allied 1944 05 15 - 18 NW Europe Final series of last minute raids launced across Northern France to get up to the minute intelligence prior to NEPTUNE/OVERLORD
Neptune Y Allied 1944 06 NW Europe Actual operations within OVERLORD, after Sep. 1943, to be used instead of OVERLORD only in communications and documents which disclose directly or by inference (a) target area, (b) precise dates of assaults, (c) the total scale of assaults.
Reflection Y British 1944 06 NW Europe RN Special Forces operation to drop French agents in St. Brieue Bay, Brittany.
Frantic Y US 1944 06 02 NW Europe Bombing raids begun on this date involving US bomber formations flying from Italy, carrying out their missions and then flying on to the Ukraine.
Bulbasket Y Allied 1944 06 05-06 NW Europe A blocking operation carried out by British SAS forces on the Paris - Bordeaux rail-line near Poitiers.
Gain Y British 1944 06 05-06 NW Europe Ambushes mounted by SAS units in the area south of Paris in support of OVERLORD.
Glimmer Y Allied 1944 06 05-06 NW Europe Deception raids mounted by RAF on the Boulogne area in concert with OVERLORD.
Houndsworth Y British 1944 06 05-06 NW Europe SAS operation in the Foret de Morvan, North Burgundy, in conjunction with OVERLORD
Samwest Y French 1944 06 05-06 NW Europe Operation carried out by 4 SAS in support of OVERLORD
Taxable Y Allied 1944 06 06 NW Europe Airborne deception plan against Le Harve, France in conjunction wth OVERLORD
Squable Y British 1944 06 12 NW Europe Moral boasting raid by a single Beaufighter of RAF Coastal Command on Paris.
Zebra Y US 1944 06 25 NW Europe An operation involving the air-dropping of supplies to French resistance forces by US Airforce.
Hurdy Y Allied 1944 07 NW Europe SAS jeep raid behind German lines in France.
Cormorant Y Allied 1944 07 14 NW Europe Attack by British 15th, 49th and 59 Divisions south of Raurey, Normandy.
Cobra Y US 1944 07 25 NW Europe Offensive mounted by the US First Army with the object of breaking out of the Normandy beachhead and spreading out into Brittany.
Swordhilt ? Allied 1944 08 NW Europe Plan to land and capture the Brest area with an air and sea assault.
Wallace Y British 1944 08 NW Europe SAS jeep raid behind German lines in France.
Buick Y US 1944 08 01 NW Europe USAAF B-17 mission that dropped supplies to French Resistance units at four areas in SE of France.
Barker Y Allied 1944 08 13 NW Europe French SAS mission to Salorney, Eastern France, to harass the reatreat of German forces from southern France.
Grayling Y British 1944 08 14 NW Europe Heavy bomber raid on Nuremburg. One the heaviest deafeats of any bombing mission.
Rugby Y Allied 1944 08 15 NW Europe The airborne operation against the south of France by the Allied Provisional Airborne Division.
Garden Y Allied 1944 08 17 NW Europe See MARKET-GARDEN
Brutus Y Allied 1944 09 NW Europe Parachute landing by Belgium SAS force near Yvoir, Belgium, to assist the local Resistance forces there.
Knockout Y British 1944 09 NW Europe Supply drop to FFI forces at Benodet, near Brest, France, by RN Special Operations MTB.
Fusilade Y Allied 1944 09 01 NW Europe The assault on Dieppe by force under 2nd Canadian Div. Town fell with no fighting.
Linnet ? Allied 1944 09 03 NW Europe Plan to carry out an airborne drop Norht of Tournai to aid the advance into Belgium.  Cancelled days before being operation.
Comet ? Allied 1944 09 07 planned NW Europe A plan to use airborne forces to capture Dutch bridges during the advance into that country.
Grassy Y US 1944 09 09 NW Europe USAAF bomber supply mission to French resistance forces south of Besancon.
Astonia Y British 1944 09 10 NW Europe The attack on Le Havre by British I Corps.
Market-Garden Y Allied 1944 09 17 NW Europe Combined airborne and land offensive launched by 21st Army Group North into Holland.  Market being the airborne componant.
Wellhit Y Allied 1944 09 17 NW Europe 1st Canadian Army attack on Boulogne.
Rebound Y Allied 1944 10 NW Europe Operation by 4th Can. Arm., 49th Brit. & 104th US Infantry Divisons against Roosendaal, Holland.
Thruster Y Allied 1944 10 NW Europe Assault on the town of Roosendaal, Holland by Canadian First Army
Switchback Y Allied 1944 10 02 NW Europe The attack by Canadian First Army on the Breskens pocket behind the Leopold Canal in Holland.
Vitality Y Allied 1944 10 02 NW Europe Assault by Can. First Army on the Beveland Peninsula, Holland.
Angus Y Allied 1944 10 13 NW Europe Attack by 1st Candian Corps to atack west of Antwerp and seal off the route to Walcheren Island. See also INFATUATE.
Suitcase Y Canadian 1944 10 20 NW Europe Attack by 1st Canadian Army north of Antwerp with the aim of assisting the isolation of Walcheren Island.
Corona Y Allied 1944 10 22 NW Europe An electronic warfare campaign of communications jamming launched against Luftwaffe night fighter control system.
Humid Y Allied 1944 11 NW Europe Advance to the Hollandsche Diep by Candian First Army after REBOUND
Noah ? Allied 1944 11 NW Europe Contingency plan for the evacuation of the Maas river line in the event of a German attack or of severe flooding of the area.
Sailmaker N Allied 1944 11 NW Europe Plan to capture the German held island of Schouwen, in the Maas river. Planned for late 1944 but still considered in 1945.
Siesta N Allied 1944 11 NW Europe Plan to attack German positions west of Arnhem on the Betuwe river.
Infatuate Y British 1944 11 01 NW Europe Capture of Walcheren I., Scheldt river by Can. Second Army.
Madison Y US 1944 11 03 NW Europe USAAF XIX Tactical Air Command air support operations in support of US Third Army.
Thunderbolt Y US 1944 11 06 NW Europe Operation carried out by US Third Army near Metz
Independence Y French 1944 11 14 NW Europe Offensive mounted towards Belfort by the French I Corps
Mallard Y British 1944 11 14 NW Europe Assault by British Second Army in the Venlo sector on the Muese river.
Queen Y US 1944 11 16 NW Europe Offensive by Third army before Achen, Germany.
Clipper Y British 1944 11 18 NW Europe Offensive by UK XXXth Corps at Geilenkirchen, Germany
Pounce Y Allied 1944 12 NW Europe Deception operation carried out to cover preparations for VERITABLE. Designed to give Germans impression an attack was to be launced north into Holland.
Alphabet Y Allied 1944 12 03 NW Europe (Air) Operation against Flying bomb and E-boat targets.
Aloes Y France 1944 Autumn NW Europe Consolidation of all French Resistance forces in the Brittany Pennensula under a single French Commander.
Casanova Y US 1944 Autumn NW Europe Diversioonary operation by US 95th Inf. Div. During Thrid Army attacks on Metz, France.
Cover Y Allied 1944 Spring NW Europe The air-interdiction and isolation of the area of the Normandy beach-head in the weeks leading up to the invasion.
Anvil ? Allied 1944 Summer NW Europe Original plans for the invasion of Southern France by Forces in the Mediterranean.  Renamed DRAGOON on 27 Jul. 1944.
Beneficiary ? Allied 1944 Summer NW Europe A plan to breakout of the initial OVERLORD bridgehead by an airborne - amphibious assault on St. Malo.
Chastity Y Allied 1944 Summer NW Europe A plan to build a makeshift fort port in Quiberon Bay, Brittany, France following the OVERLORD Operation to supply the invasion armies.
Dingson Y Allied 1944 Summer NW Europe Operations by 4th SAS Reg. In Brittany, France in support of OVERLORD.
Diver Y Allied 1944 Summer NW Europe Allied campaign to counter the German V-weapons campaign.
Hands-Up ? Allied 1944 Summer NW Europe Allied plan to break out of the Normandy beachhead by mounting an assault in Quiberon Bay, Brittany
Lucky Strike ? Allied 1944 Summer NW Europe 21st Army Group plan to break out of the Normandy beachhead to the Seine ports.
Maple Y Allied 1944 Summer NW Europe Mine-laying operations in connection with OVERLORD
Skye Y Allied 1944 Summer NW Europe Alternative name for operation FORTITUDE NORTH, the deception aimed at Norway.
Choker I ? US 1945 (circa) NW Europe Planned airborne operation against the Siegfried Line in the vicinity of Saarbrucken, Ger.
Choker II ? US 1945 (circa) NW Europe Planned airborne operation to cross the Rhine near Frankfurt, Ger.
Effective ? Allied 1945 (circa) NW Europe Proposed airborne operation by Allied First Airborne Army, to seize the airfield in the Bisingen area, Ger.
Eruption ? Allied 1945 (circa) NW Europe Proposed Allied airborne assault on the German naval base of Kiel 1945, involving British 6th Airborne and US 82nd Airborne Divisions
Goldflake Y Allied 1945 (circa) NW Europe The transfer of Canadian I Corps from Italy to 21st Army Group.
Jubilant ? Allied 1945 (circa) NW Europe Airborne operations by 1st Allied Airborne Army under XXXX conditions to safeguard and supply prisoners-of-war camps.
Talisman Y Allied 1945 (circa) NW Europe Plan for post hostillieties operations in Europe.
Vicarage ? Allied 1945 (circa) NW Europe Project to drop airborne prisoner-of-war contact and reconnaissance teams into Germany under ECLIPSE conditions
Turbinate II Y British 1945 01 NW Europe Deception operation to maintain teh impression that an attack was to be launced North into Holland to mask VERITABLE. ELEPHANT is part of this operation. See also POUNCE.
Wallstreet N Allied 1945 01 NW Europe Plan for a direct assault across the Neder-Rijn River against Apeldoorn. Planned for early 1945.
Trojan y Allied 1945 01 05 NW Europe Raid by Polish troops supported by Artillary on the Mass River near Heusden in order to determine German mortar and gun strenght.
Blackcock Y Allied 1945 01 16 NW Europe Offensive by Brit. 2nd Army to eliminate the salient between the Meuse and the Roer-Wurm Rivers from Roermund southward.
Elephant Y Allied 1945 01 26 NW Europe Attack by 10th Canadian Bdg. On the German bridgehead at Kapelscheveer, on the river Maas, Holland.
Jericho Y British 1945 02 01 NW Europe The air attack by RAF Mosquito bombers against the walls of the Amiens Prison, France.
Veritable Y British 1945 02 08 NW Europe Offensive by Can. First Army to clear the area between the Maas and the Rhine. Launced as northern pincer, with GRENADE, to destroy German forces in front of Brit. Second Army.
Cheerful Y French 1945 02 09 NW Europe Attack by French First Army against the German Colmar Pocket.
Thunderclap Y Allied 1945 02 13 NW Europe Allied air campaign launced against German cities in the areas in front of the Russian advance in Eastern Germany.  Included the devastating raid on Dresden
Grenade Y US 1945 02 23 NW Europe US Ninth Army offensive north around Dusseldorf, Germany. Launched as the southern pincer, with VERITABLE, to destroy German forces facing Brit, Second Army and gain the bank of the Rhine.
Blockbuster Y Allied 1945 02 26 NW Europe Assault on the city of Xanten by Can. II Corps.
Flashpoint Y US 1945 03 NW Europe The crossing of the Rhine by US Ninth Army, part of PLUNDER.
Lumberjack ? Allied 1945 03 01-07 NW Europe US offensive N of the Moselle, between Cologne and Coblenz, by First & Third Armies to gain the bank of the Rhine.
Undertone Y US 1945 03 11 NW Europe Advance to the Rhine by US Third Army South of the Moselle River, France.
Choler Y US 1945 03 23 NW Europe USAAF air operations in conjunction with VARSITY-PLUNDER
Plunder Y Allied 1945 03 23 NW Europe Assault by the 21st Army Group across the Rhine N. Of the Ruhr.  Also see VARSITY
Varsity Y Allied 1945 03 23 NW Europe Airborne operation by Allied XVIII Airborne Corps to secure bridgehead on east bank of Rhine River between Emmerich and Wesel, Germany.
Banknote Y Allied 1945 03 24 NW Europe The Rhine river crossing by ** Army
Independence Y Allied 1945 03 28 NW Europe Blockade of German occupied ports on the Bay of Biscay coast.
Kaput Y US 1945 04 NW Europe US Ninth Army OPERATION on the Elbe River, Germany.
Quick Anger Y Allied 1945 04 12 NW Europe Assault on Arnhem by Canadian First Army resulting in the capture of the town.
Dutch Cleanser Y Allied 1945 04 17 NW Europe Planned offensive by Canadian First Army intended to advance from Arnhem to the Zeider Zee, cancelled to prevent flooding of the country by German forces
Clarion Y Allied 1945 04 22 NW Europe Air interdiction campaign mounted against German communications system.
Nestegg Y British 1945 05 NW Europe Occupation of the Channel Is. following the German surrender.
Coldstream Y US 1945 05-06 NW Europe The relief of Brit. V Corps units by US Third Army units in the Linz-Spittsl-Tamsweg-Judeberg area, S. Austria.
Ventilate N British 1945 Spring NW Europe Proposed offensive by Brit. Second Army accross the Maas river following suceddful outcomes of GRENADE and VERITABLE. Not carried out due to lack of resources.
Pecan Y US 1943 - 1944 Pacific US coast defence of Peru.
Fireplace Y US 1943 (circa) Pacific Occupation of Adak Island, Aluetian Islands, at Rulah Bay and construction of airfield.
Landcrab Y Allied 1943 (circa) Pacific The recapture of Attu I, Aleutian Is.
Fuddle Y US 1943 . Pacific Followed by name of target (e.g. Fuddle Truk) denoted a hit and run strike on the designated target.
Cottage Y US 1943 08 15 Pacific The operation to re-capture Kiska Island.
Glacier Y US 1944 . Pacific Air operations against Japan from the North Pacific area.
Jugulated ? Allied 1945 (circa) Pacific Strategic positions selected for occupation in the event of a Japanese collapse or surrender.
Broadaxe ? Allied 1945 06 Pacific JCS deception plan to create impression of offensive against Formosa, Hokkaido, Sumatra & Indo China instead of the Japanese home islands.
Pastel II Y US 1945 08 Pacific Deception plans to mask landings on the home islands with plans to land at Shanhai and later Shikoku island.
Silverplate Y US 1945 08 Pacific The nuclear bomb raids mounted against Hiroshima (6th) and Nagasaki (9th).
Blacklist Y Allied 1945 09 Pacific Operations by CinC, Air Forces Pacific, to occupy Japanese held territory after the surrender.
Magic Carpet Y US 1945 Autumn Pacific The demobilisation of the armed forces
Causeway Y US 1945? Pacific Logistic movement to collect supplies at Guadalcanal and Purvis Ihiya Jima (?)
King ? US 1944 10 Philippines Original plan to land on Mindanao Island as the first step in the re-capture of the Philipines.
King II Y US 1944 10 20 Philippines Revised plan to land initially on Leyte Island, due to the lack of Japanese airforces in the PI.
Love ? US 1945 (circa) Philippines Operation on Luzon
Mike 1- 7 Y US 1945 (circa) Philippines The series of air and sea landings on Luzon island by US forces.
Victor I Y US 1945 (circa) Philippines Landing on Panay and western Negros.
Victor II Y US 1945 (circa) Philippines Landings on Cebu, Bohol, and Eastern Negros
Victor III Y US 1945 (circa) Philippines Landings on Palawan
Victor IV Y US 1945 (circa) Philippines Landings on Zambuanga and against the Sulu Arch.
Victor V Y US 1945 (circa) Philippines Landings on Parang and Malabang
Victor Y US 1945 01 Philippines Landings in the Philippines Islands by US Sixth and Eighth Armies.
Mike I Y US 1945 01 09 Philippines Sixth Army landings in the Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, P. I.
Mike VII Y US 1945 01 29 Philippines Invasion of the Zambales Coast, near San Antonio by US XI Corps
Mike IV Y US 1945 01 31 Philippines Invasion of Nasugbu and Balayan bay
Mike VI Y US 1945 01 31 Philippines Invasion of Batangas and Tayabas Bay.
Gypsy Y US 1945 06 23 Philippines Airborne attack by the 511th Para Reg. At Appari on Luzon, PI.
Mike II Y US 1945 Feb. Philippines Invasion of Dingalan bay.
Mike III Y US 1945 Spring Philippines Invasion of Vigan
Exploration ? Allied 1945 . Russia - NW Europe Transfer of air-units (US?) eastward through Russia to the Pacific.
Opium Y US 1942 (circa) S Pacific Transfer of US 3rd Mar. Reg. to Samoa.
Phalanx Y US 1942 (circa) S Pacific Plan to send US Marines to the south Pacific.
Picador Y US 1942 (circa) S Pacific Plan to send US Marine forces to Samoa.
Pyramid Y US 1942 (circa) S Pacific Plan to send forces to Auckland, NZ.
Bobcat Y US 1942 01 S Pacific The occupation of Bora Bora Is. B US forces.
Scatterbrain Y Allied 1943 (circa) S Pacific Operations on the Arafura Sea, Australia.
Abbey ? US 1941 (circa) SEA Policy in the event of a Japanese occupation of the Kra Isthmus, Thailand
Etonian ? British 1941 (circa) SEA Early plan to invade Thailand from Malaya in the event of Japanese involvement there.  Replaced by MATADOR
Sloane ? British 1941 (circa) SEA Policy in the event of a Japanese occupation of the Kra Isthmus, Thailand
Sandwich ? British 1941 08 11 SEA Proposed protective invasion of Southern Thailand against Japanese.
Matador Y British 1941 12 SEA The plan to prempt any landing in Northern Malaya with an advance into Thailand, partially carried out following the Japanese landings.
Fettle Y Allied 1943 - 1944 SEA The building up of India as a base of operations in SEA.
Jaywick Y British 1943 09 02 - 10 19 SEA Special forces raid on Singapore Harbour.
Aquila ? Allied 1944 (circa) SEA Air project for India.  Subsequently cancelled. ??
Broadsword ? Allied 1944 (circa) SEA Operation for the liberation of Malaya and the reopening of the Malacca Straits.
Drake ? Allied 1944 (circa) SEA Plan to bomb Japan with B-29 aircraft based in Bengal, operating through forward airfields in Kweilin area of China.
Repeatedly Y Allied 1944 (circa) SEA Mining of Singapore
Rimau Y Allied 1944 (circa) SEA Allied Commando style raid on Singapore harbour.
Bunkum Y British 1944 04 23-24 SEA Recconaisance on the beaches of Sumatra, DEI.
Millet Y British 1944 10 17-19 SEA Diversionary operation in the form of an carrier air strike on Nicobar Island, to coincide with major operations by U.S. Forces in the Philippines
Outflank Y British 1944 11 20 SEA BPF carrier attack on Pangkalan Brandan, DEI.
Robson Y British 1944 12 20 SEA First carrier strike by RN on Pangkalan Brandon, DEI.
Boisterous ? Allied 1945 (circa) SEA Operations for the recapture of Malaya
Stacey Y British 1945 02 26-28 SEA Royal Navy photo recon missions flown over Southern Malaya and Northern Sumatra.
Sunfish Y British 1945 04 14-15 SEA Royal Navy photo recon missions flown over the Port Swetenham and Fort Dickson areas of Malaya.
Collie Y British 1945 07 05-10 SEA RN minesweeping off the Nicobar Is.
Livery Y British 1945 07 24 SEA RN minesweeping operation off Phuket Island, Malaysia.
Foil Y British 1945 07 31 SEA RN X-craft attack on underwater cables in Lamma Channel, Hong Kong.
Sabre Y British 1945 07 31 SEA RN X-craft attack on underwater cables off Cap St. Jacques, Saigon harbour.
Struggle Y British 1945 07 31 SEA RN X-craft attack on the Japanese cruiser Takao in Singapore harbour.
Birdcage Y Allied 1945 08 SEA The dropping of leaflets on selected targets such as POW camps to let the inhabitants know of the end of the war.
Roger ? British 1945 09 SEA Plan to make a landing on Phuket Island, Malaya.
Jurist Y Allied 1945 09 03 SEA Occupation of Penang, Malaya after the Japanese surrender. Originall planned as an invasion for August 30th.
Zipper ? British 1945 09 09 SEA Operations for the capture of Port Swettenham, Port Dickson area of Malaya and development of this area preparatory to an advance southward to Singapore.  Operation used following the Japanese surrender.
Mailstrom Y British 1945 09 13 SEA Occupation of Saigon, Indo China
Masterdom Y British 1945 09 13 SEA Occupation of Saigon, Indo China
Mailfist ? British 1945 12 SEA Plan for British Fourteenth Army to recapture Singapore, planned for December 1945.
Axiom ? Allied 1945 (circa) SEA / DEI Outline for operations involving the recapture of Malaya, Sumatra and Hong Kong
Squarepeg Y Allied 1944 02 15 Solomans Landings on the Nissan Is by 14 NZ Brig.
Pestilance Y US 1942 07 16 Solomon’s Original plan of operations in the Southern Soloman's leading to the invasion of Guadalcanal.
Watchtower Y US 1942 07 31 - 09 01 Solomon’s Capture and occupation of Tulagi and Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
Huddle Y US 1942 08 Solomon’s Occupation of Nedni I., Santa Cruz Is.
Ringbolt Y US 1942 08 07 Solomon’s Landing on Tulagi Island.
Watchtower Y US 1942 08 07 Solomon’s The offensive mounted against Guadalcanal and Tulagi
Drygoods Y US 1943 02 Solomon’s Assembly of supplies in the Guadalcanal - Tulagi area for an offensive in the Russell Is., Solomon Is.
Peacock Y US 1943 04 18 Solomon’s The air ambush operation mounted to intercept and shoot down the aircraft carrying japanese Admiral Yamamoto.
Toenails Y US 1943 06 30 Solomon’s The invasion of the New Georgia Island area by US forces
Goodtime Y Allied 1943 10 27 Solomon’s The occupation of the Treasury Is by New Zealand 3rd Division
Blissful Y US 1943 10 28 Solomon’s Feint assault on Choiseul I. Sols
Cactus Y US 1942 08 07 Solomon's The capture of Guadalcanal Island, a sub-plan of WATCHTOWER.
Cleanslate Y US 1943 02 21 Solomon's Landings on the Russell Islands north of Guadalcanal.
Balsam Y US 1943 07 14 Solomon's LCT landing inside Onorisi Pass, Munda area, New Georgia, Solomon Islands
Cherryblossom Y US 1943 11 1 Solomon's Landing on Bougainville Island by US 1st Marine Division.
Cartwheel Y Allied 1943 06 30 SW Pac Offensive launched in order to encircle the Japanese base at Rabaul by the allied forces in the Solomon's and New Guinea.
Appease Y US 1944 03 01 SW Pac Landings on New Britain by XXX Div.
Globetrotter Y US 1941 07 30-31 SW Pac. Capture of Cape Sansapor, NEI by elements of US 6th Div.
Tulsa ? Allied 1942 06 27 SW Pac. Initial plan for operations against the Japanese base at Rabaul, New Britain Island.
Lilliput ? Allied 1942 08 SW Pac. The operations mounted against the Buna positions by I Australian Corps.
Providence Y Allied 1942 08 SW Pac. Plan to occupy the Buna area of Papua New Guinea at earliest date.  Cancelled due to subsequent Japanese landing there.
Plymouth ? Allied 1942 Summer SW Pac. Plan for landing in area south of Buna
Prejudice ? Allied 1943 - 1944 SW Pac. Operations for control of Celebes-Sulu Seas.
Anchorage Y? US 1943 (circa) SW Pac. Plan to assault Hansa Bay, New Guinea buy US Sixth Army
Boston ? Allied 1943 (circa) SW Pac. Plan to capture the Abau - Mullins Harbour area of New Guinea.
Dayton ? Allied 1943 (circa) SW Pac. Seizure of the North Coast of New Guinea to Include the Madang area
Knucklehead Y US 1943 (circa) SW Pac. Aerial patrols over the Russell Is.
Lockjaw ? Allied 1943 (circa) SW Pac. Plan for operations against Kavieng, New Ireland
Longshop ? Allied 1943 (circa) SW Pac. Plans for operations against Manus Island
Princeton Y US 1943 (circa) SW Pac. The first plan of operations involving the recapture of the southern areas, Philipines, DEI & Borneo. (Renamed MUSKETEER)
Towpath ? Allied 1943 (circa) SW Pac. Plans for operations against Rabaul, New Britain.
Chronicle Y US 1943 06 30 SW Pac. US landings on the Kiriwini and Woodlark Is with the purpose of building airfields on them.
Broccoli Y US 1943 07 SW Pac. Marine Raider (Olson’s) landing on Munda Area?, New Georgia, Solomon Islands
Postern ? Allied 1943 09 SW Pac. Operations planned against the Lae - Finschafen - Madang area New Guinea.
Director Y US 1943 12 15 SW Pac. The landing by 112th Cav. Reg. On Cape Merkus, Arawe Peninsula, New Britain.  Diversion for BACKHANDER.
Backhander Y US 1943 12 26 SW Pac. Landings by 1st Marine Div. On Cape Gloucester, New Britain.
Elkton Y US 1943 Spring SW Pac. January 1943 strategic plan to push the Soloman Island chain and capture New Georgia, Bougainville, Kaveing and eventually Rabaul. Partially carried out in CARTWHEEL
Scorpion ? Australian 1943 Summer SW Pac. Planned commando raid on shipping in Rabaul Harbour, New Britain
Annuity Y US 1944 (circa) SW Pac. Follow on plan from HOTPLATE, in the New Guinea area.
Hotplate Y US 1944 (circa) SW Pac. Operations against New Guinea.
Kinggrab Y US 1944 (circa) SW Pac. Operations against Wewak, New Guinea.
Marfa ? Allied 1944 (circa) SW Pac. Outline Plans for Occupation of Western New guinea
Reno Y US 1944 (circa) SW Pac. Outline plan for operations in Southwest Pacific Area for 1944 involving landings on the New Guinea coast and the Bismarcks following on to Mindanao Island, PI.
Satinwood ? Allied 1944 (circa) SW Pac. Operations to occupy remaining enemy held areas in the Southwest Pacific area upon collapse or surrender of Japan.
Dexterity Y US 1944 01 02 SW Pac. Operation against western New Britain and at Saidor on New Guinea.
Fishnet Y US 1944 02 SW Pac. Operations in the Bismarck Arch., Admiralty Is., Northern New Guinea area.
Brewer Y US 1944 02 29 SW Pac. Operations in the Admiralty Is.
Desecrate Y US 1944 04 22 SW Pac. Carrier strike by TF XX in support of RECKLESS
Persecution Y US 1944 04 22 SW Pac. Landings by US forces at Aitape, New Guinea.
Reckless Y US 1944 04 22 SW Pac. US Sixth Army landing at Hollandia, NG.
Straight-line Y US 1944 05 17 SW Pac. Capture of Wakde Island, NEI.
Tornado Y US 1944 05 17 SW Pac. Landings by 41st Div. At Wakde Island - Sarmi, Dutch New Guinea
Hurricane Y US 1944 05 27 SW Pac. Landings by US I Corps forces on Biak Island, DNG.
Cyclone Y US 1944 07 02 SW Pac. Landings at Noemfor on the New Guinea Coast.
Table-Tennis Y US 1944 07 03-04 SW Pac. Airborne drop by 503rd Para. Reg. On Noemfor island off the coast of DNG
Typhoon Y US 1944 07 30 SW Pac. Landings at Sansapor - Mar on the Vogelkop Pennensula, DNG
Tradewind Y US 1944 09 15 SW Pac. Landings by 31st Division on Morotai Island
Horlicks Y US 1944 09 27 SW Pac. Capture of Biak I., NEI and the seizure of hostile airdromes and the establishment of air facilities for Allied aircraft.
Montclair Y Allied 1945 04 SW Pac. Final plan for operations to reoccupy the Visayas-Mindanao-Borneo-Netherlands East Indies area.  (Final version of the PRINCETON plan)
Musketeer Y US 1945 Summer SW Pac. Renamed MONTCLAIR plan, resulting in Luzon landings.
Rainbow ? US 1941 10 USA The collection of war plans prepared by the US in the event of different war situations.  RAINBOW 5 realeased in Oct. 1941