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– My personel collection of WW2 titles and articles. – 

The following is the list of books which I own and which invariably I will be using for the contents of this web site.

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Name Name Title Publisher Published
Adair Paul Hitler's Greatest Defeat - the collapse of Army Group Center June 1944 Cassell 2000
Allen Louis Burma. The Longest War 1941-1945 Phoenix Giant 1988
Allen Trevor The Storm Passed By - Ireland and the Battle of the Atlantic 1940-1941 Irish Academic Press 1996
Baker Alan (Captain) Merrill's Marauders Ballentine Books - Pan/Ballentine Illus'd History of WW II 1972
Barker Ralph The 1000 Plan Pan 1967
Bauer Col. Eddy The History of World War Two Orbis 1985
Bishop Edward Mosquito Wooden Wonder Ballentine Books - Pan/Ballentine Illus'd History of WW II 1972
Brady Henry A personal Memoir of World War Two. Merlin 1989
Breuer William B Operation Dragoon Presidio 1987
Bruce George The Warsaw Uprising Pan 1974
Bryant Arthur The Turn of the Tide RS 1958
Buckley Christopher Five Ventures HMSO Books 1977
Buckley Christopher Greece and Crete 1941 Efistattuadis 1984
Calvert Michael Chindits Long Range Penetration Ballentine Books - Pan/Ballentine Illus'd History of WW II 1973
Carell Paul Hitler's War on Russia Volume 1 - Hitler Moves East Corgi 1971
Clarke Comer Eichmann:The Savage Truth Consul 1961
Cooper Matthew The Phantom War - The German struggle against Soviet partisans 1941 - 1944 Macdonald and Janes 1979
Cummins Patrick J Emergeny' Air Incidents South-East Ireland 1940-1945 Self Published 2003
Davies Norman Rising '44 - The Battle for Warsaw MacMillan 2003
Delaforce Patrick Monty's Mauraders Chancellor Press 2000
Delaforce Patrick The Polar Bears - Monty's Left Flank Chancellor Press 2001
Doherty Richard Irish Generals Appletree Press 1993
Doherty Richard Irish men and Women in the Second World War Four Courts Press 1999
Doherty Richard A Noble Crusade - The History of Eighth Army 1941-45 Spellmount 1999
Doherty Richard Irish Volunteers in the Second World War Four Courts Press 2002
Duggan John P Nuetral Ireland and the Third reich Lilliput 1989
Dwyer Ryle T. Guests of the State Brandon 1999
Edwards Roger Panzer: A Revolution in Warfare. Arms & Armour 1993
Ellis John One Day in a Very Long War - Wednesday, 25th October 1944 Johnathon cape (London) 1998
Elphick Peter Singapore: Pregnable Fortress Coronet 1995
Erickson John The Road to Berlin - Stalins War with Germany Vol. II Cassell 1983
Erickson John The Road to Stalingrad - Stalins War with Germany Vol. I Cassell 1975 2000Ed
Fisk Robert In Time of War Gill & MacMillan 2000 ed
Forde Frank The Long Watch - World War Two and the Irish Mercantile Marine New Island 2000
Glantz David M. Barbarossa Hitlers Invasion of Russia 1941 Tempus 2001
Glantz David M. The Siege of Leningrad 1941 - 1944 900 Days of Terror Brown Partworks Ltd 2001
Glantz, D House, J When Titans Clashed - How the Red Army Stopped Hitler Birlinn 2000
Gray Tony The Lost Years - The Emergency in Ireland 1939-1945 Warner Books 1997
Gregg Charles T. Tarawa Jove 1991
Guedalla Philip Middle East. 1940 - 1942 A study in Airpower Hodder & Stoughton 1944
Horikoshi, J M. Okumiya Zero! Ballentine 1971
Horton D. C. New Georgia - Pattern For Victory Ballentine Books - Pan/Ballentine Illus'd History of WW II 1972
Humble Richard Hitler's High Seas Fleet Ballentine Books - Pan/Ballentine Illus'd History of WW II 1972
Ireland Bernard Collins/Janes Warships of World War II HarperCollins 1996
Jackson WGF The Battle for Italy Batsford 1967
Jones R. V. Most Secret War - British Scientific Intelligence 1939 - 1945 Coronet 1979
Jurado, CC Lyles, K Foreign Volunteers of the Wehrmacht 1941 - 1945; Men-at Arms 147 Osprey 2000
Kelly Orr Meeting the Fox - The Allied invasion of Africa, from Op. Torch to Kasserine Pass to Victory in Tunisia John Wiley & Sons 2002
Kennedy Paul Pacific Onslaught 7th Dec. 1941 / 7th Feb. 1943 Ballentine Books - Pan/Ballentine Illus'd History of WW II 1972
Kersaudy Francois Norway 1940 Arrow 1991
Lewin Ronald Slim: The Standard Bearer Leo Cooper 1976
Lockhart Bruce Comes the Reckoning Putnam 1947
Lucas James The Last Year of the German Army Arms & Armour Press 1994
MacCarron Donal 'Step Together!': Irelands Emergency Army Irish Academic Press 1999
MacCarron Donal Landfall Ireland Colourprint 2003
Macksey Kenneth Commando - Hit-and-run combat in World War Two Jove 1991
Matanle Ivor History of WWII Tiger 1994
McAulay Lex Blood and Iron - The Battle for Kokoda 1942 Arrow 1992 ed
Meehan Micheal (Sgt) A Brief History and compendium of the Survey Company COE Defence Forces Press 1997
Middlebrook Martin The Berlin Raids - RAF Bomber Command 1943 - 44 Cassel & Co. 2000 ed (1998)
Miller Robert A. August 1944 The Campaign of France Presidio 1996
Millot Bernard Divine Thunder Mayflower 1974 1974
Mullenheim Rechberg Baron B. von Battleship Bismarck Triad Grenada 1982
Neilands Robin By Sea and Land - The Story of the Royal Marine Commandos Orion 1996
Neilands Robin The Bomber War - Arthur Harris and the Allied Bomber Offensive 1939-1945 John Murray (Publishers) 2001 (2004 Ed.)
O'Drisceoil Donal Censorship in Ireland 1939 - 1945 Cork University Press 1996
O'Halpin Eunan Defending Ireland - The Irish State and its enemies since 1922 Oxford University Press 1999
Pimlott John The Viking Atlas of WWII Viking 1995
Pitt Barrie The Crucible of War 1 - Wavells Command Papermac 1986
Pitt Barrie The Crucible of War 2 - Auchinlecks Command Papermac 1986
Pitt Barrie The Crucible of War 3 - Montgomery and Alamein Cassel & Co. 2001
Preston Anthony Aircraft Carriers Bison Books 1984
Quigley Martin S A U.S. Spy in Ireland Marino Books 1999
Quinn John Down in a Free State - Wartime Air Crashes & Forced Landings in Eire 1939 - 1945 Shanway/Creative 1999
Rawicz Slavomir The Long Walk Great pan 1959
Roberts Andrew Churchill: Embattled Hero Phoenix 1996
Russel, Lord . The Knights of Bushido Corgi 1978
Russel, Lord . Scourge of the Swastika Corgi 1981
Schultz Duane The Maverick War St. Martins Press 1990
Sonsteby Gunner Report from No. 24 Fontana 1973
Spector Ronald H Eagle Against The Sun - Americas War With Japan Cassell & Co 2000 Edition
St.George Saunders Hillary The Red Beret NEL ?
Synder Louis L. Ency. Of the Third Reich PRC 1995
Taaffe Stephan R. MacArthur's Jungle War - The 1944 New Guinea Campaign University Press of Kansas 1998
Terraine John The Right of the Line Wordsworth 1997
Thomas David A Crete 1941 - The Battle at Sea Cassel 2003 (1972)
Thompson Julian The IWM Book of War behind Enemy Lines Sidewich & Jackson 1998
Trevelyan Raleigh Rome '44 Coronet 1983
Tuleja Thaddeus Climax at Midway Berkley Hedallion 1961
Tulley Jasper C Proudly the Note (Fiction) The Kerryman 1945
Ungvary Krisztian Battle for Budapest 100 Days in World War II I.B. Tauris 2003
Vader John New Guinea - The Tide is Stemmed Ballentine Books - Pan/Ballentine Illus'd History of WW II 1972
Various Contents The Irish Sword - The Journal of the Military History Society of Ireland - 1993
Various Editors: Brian Girvan & Geoffrey Roberts Ireland in the Second World War [Contents] Four Courts Press 2000
Various Editors: Dermot Keogh & Mervyn O'Driscoll Ireland in World War Two - Neutrality and Survival [Contents] Mercier Press 2004
Various Editors: Elzbieta Kaminska & Marek Kaminski The Warsaw Uprising in the photographs of Sylwester "Kris" Braun Wydawnictwo Parma Press 2004
Various Various The Call to Arms - An Authentic Record of IRELANDS DEFENCE SERVICES Abbey Publications 1945
Various Various Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union Institute of Marxism - Leninism CC CPSU) 1974
Various Various Westpoint Military Atlas for 2nd World War - Asia & the Pacific Avery Publishing Group 1985
Various Various Atlas of the Second World War 1996 Georaphia 1996
Various Various Janes Fighting Aircraft of World War Two Cresent Books 1996
Various Various The Nation is Profoundly Greatful - The Irish Defence Forces 1939 - 1946 Military Archives 1996
Various Various The Irish Air Corps - 1922 - 1997 - An official Souvenir The Kilkenny People 1997
Various Various Air Spectacular 2000 - Souvenir Programme 2000
Various Various Images of War (periodical) Orbis Publishing 1996-1998
Various Various D-Day - 50th Anniversary Commemoration - Official Souvenir Programme of Events Tri-Service Publications 1994
Wheal EA; S. Pope & J. Taylor Ency. Of the Second World War Castle 1989
Whitaker WD & S Rhineland - The Battle To End The War Mardarin 1991 ed
White G Harvey, D The Barracks - A History of Victoria/Collins Barricks Cork Merceir Press 1997
Whiting Charles Battle of the Ruhr Pocket Ballentine Books - Pan/Ballentine Illus'd History of WW II 1972
Whiting Charles Siegfried - The Nazis' Last Stand Granada Publishing 1984
Williams Andrew The Battle of the Atlantic BBC Books 2003 ed
Williamson Gordon The SS: Hitlers Instrument of Terror Sidgwick & Johnson 1995
Willmott H.P. June 1944. Grub Street 1999
Wilmot Chestor The Struggle for Europe Wordsworth 1997
Young Desmond Rommel Collins 1950


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Books list.
Surname Forename Article Title Publication Date Publisher
Alexander Viscount of Tunis The Conquest of Sicily from 10th July, 1943 to 17th August, 1943 The London Gazette (Supplement) Thursday, 12 February, 1948 H.M. Stationery Office
Allridge A. S. United in Grief (Sinking of St. Patrick II, 1941) Irelands Own June, 10th 2003
Barry Nicky The Scarlet pimpernel from Cahirciveen Irelands Own Unknown
Bowes Leo When Dublin was bombed Irelands Own 07/05/1999, Pg. 18
Bowes Leo Belfast's Wartime Nights of Terror and Death Irelands Own May, 16th 2003
Bushe Andrew I Was A Nazi Slave (Isaac Ryan) Ireland On Sunday Dec, 5th, 2004
Carroll Norah Christmas 1940 Irelands Own # 4856, Holiday 2003, p.46
Carter Carolle J Ireland- Americas Neutral Ally 1939 - 1941 Eire – Ireland – Irish American Cultural Institute Summer 1977
Clark Brian Irish Regiments of the British Army 1939 - 1945 Irish Sword ? Pg. 257 - 259
Clark Dermot C Disaster at Bari Irelands Own May, 2nd 2003
Cole Robert “Good Relations” – Irish Neutrality and the Propaganda of John Betjeman, 1941-9143 Eire – Ireland – Irish American Cultural Institute Winter 1996
Cronin Sean IRA leaders were ideologically apart. Irish Times Thursday, 20/04/2000 Irish Times
Cummins Patrick J. German bomber Crash 1941 An Cosantoir July-August 1995 Kilkenny People
Cunningham Sir Andrew B. (Adm.) The Battle for Crete The London Gazette (Supplement) Monday, 24 May 1948 H.M. Stationery Office
Deering Paul From a Small Sligo Farm to Commanding a tank in WW II The Sligo Champion Wednesday, Aug. 11th 2004 H.M. Stationery Office
Dixon Michael Dakota Dawning Aer Sceala, Vol. 56, #3 July/August 2000,
Donnelly Rachel IRA Chief of Staff Poisoned Claim Irish Times Thursday, 20/04/2000 Irish Times
Donnelly Rachel TV film alleges IRA was Conduit for Nazis Irish Times Thursday, 16/10/1997 Irish Times
Donnelly Rachel How ‘Neutral’ Ireland helped Britain Win the War Irish Times Saturday, 30/01/1999 Irish Times
Donnelly Rachel Files Chart Exploits of Hitler’s Irish. Irish Times Friday, 17/09/1999 Irish Times
Durnin Peter Ireland's Only Winner of the Danish Liberty Medal Irelands Own 03/05/2002, Pg. 13
Farrelly Ronnie "Here Comes The Glimmer Man" Irelands Own Sep, 17th 2004
Fisk Robert Was bombing of Dublin really a Luftwaffe mistake? Irish Times Wednesday, 23/12/1998 Irish Times
Fitzgerald John The Callan U-boat Scare Irelands Own 4/08/2000, Pg.18
Gallagher John A POW camp with a difference. Irelands Own 05/05/2000, Pg. 51
Glavin Paddy Fort Shannon Irelands Own May, 30th 2003
Haigh David The Irish Poplar Irelands Own Humour Annual, 1996
Harvey Dan Solid Soldiering An Cosantoir September. 1996 Kilkenny People
Holland Kitty Paddy the Pidgeon’s Medal may not be a homer. Irish Times Thursday, 23/09/1999 Irish Times
Holland Kitty Medals for heroes who kept suply lines open The Irish Times Monday, 25/02/2002 Irish Times
Hughes Barry (Gunner) The Hawker Hurricane An Cosantoir July-August 1995 Kilkenny People
Humphreys Joe 31 Seamen receive awards for Emergency Valour Irish Times Monday, 10/05/1999 Irish Times
K Sean On wings of Death over Belfast Lough Irelands Own Fireside Annual, 1996
Keane Micheal Eyewitness Acount of German bombs dropping on Co. Wexford. Irelands Own 13/07/01
Kearnes Tony Emergency Landings Aeroplane Monthly 01/06/88
Keenan John The Day the war ended Irelands Own 22/06/40
Keenan John Glimpse of Dublin life at the outbreak of World War 2 Irelands Own 08/09/2000, Pg. 10
Kilfeather Frank German Flier Asks for Forgiveness for Bombing. Irish Times Wednesday, 23/12/1998 Irish Times
Lane Damien The Irish Spy who saved 10,000 Jews. Sunday World 10/01/1999,
Massy H.R.S. (Lt. Gen.) Operations in Central Norway, 1940 The London Gazette (Supplement) Tuesday, 28/05/1946 H.M. Stationery Office
McAuliffe Kevin Irish Neutrality in World War II The Irish American 1984 Pg.264 Revival- Associated Faculty Press
McCarthy Dermot Wartime Landing Irelands Eye December. 2000
McCarthy James Irelands First Line of Defence (Maritime Inscription) Irelands Eye July, 2004
McCoach Rose The Fate of William Joyce – Lord Haw Haw Irelands Own 28/07/2000, Pg. 10
McGarvey Patrick J. The Ballymanus Disaster Irelands Own 16/03/2001 pg.
McGlinchey Nat Nautical disaster off the Donegal coast Irelands Own 08/01.1999,
McGowan Joe Wartime incidents in North West recalled Sligo Champion Wednesday, 25/10/2000
McStay Bill Echoes of far off guns Irelands Own 08/09/2000, Pg. 20
McStay Bill Fire from the skies Irelands Own 18/05/2001, Pg. 28
Meehan John (Capt. Ret.) The 11th (Dublin) Infantry Battalion An Cosantoir December, 1974
Moore Lawrence Holocaust Horror for Derry Nun Irelands Own Special Annual 2004
Mould Daphne P Tragedy on Knocknapeasta WWI Dec-03
n/a n/a Dev's reply to Churchill Irelands Own St. Patricks Annual, 2001
Newman Christine Dying Merchant Seaman honoured in special ceremony at hospital. Irish Independent Thursday, July 11 2002
Nolan Willie Should they have hanged Lord Haw Haw. Irelands Own 01/09/2000, Pg, 18
O’Donoghue Donal The Longest Day RTE Guide 03/06/1994, Pg 12
O'Corcrain S. P. The Bravest of the Brave Irelands Own ?
O'Donnell P.D. Songs of the War Years An Cosantoir July-August 1995 Kilkenny People
O'Donoghue David Francis Stuart - The Truth Sunday Independent Sunday, 14/12/1997
O'Donoghue David Nazi Waves The Sunday Business Post Sunday, 26/08/2001
O'Hagan Richard The unsung hero from Berehaven Irelands Own ?
O'Hagan Richard Hero in the shadows Irelands Own ?
O'Reilly Michael RAF B-24 Liberator Crash in the Cooley Mountains Irelands Eye April. 2000
O'Reilly Michael Luftwaffe magnetic mines land near Kilmacanogue Irelands Eye December. 2001
Photo Review Emergency Stand-down An Cosantoir September. 1996 Kilkenny People
Power Patrick J. A memoir of the war years Irelands Own Christmas Annual 2000
Quealy John When All The Lights Went Out Irelands Own Aug, 18th 2004
Raymond Raymond J. American Public Opinion and Irish Neutrality, 1939 - 1945 Eire – Ireland – Irish American Cultural Institute Spring 1983
Raymond Raymond J. World War Two and the Foundation of Irish Shipping Ltd. 1941 - 1945 Eire – Ireland – Irish American Cultural Institute Fall 1984
Redfern Neil Anti-Invasion Defence of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, 1939-45: Insights and Issues Defence lines Issue 12 - Online Edition ads.ahds.ac.uk
Reid Bob A Fortress in Cork Aeroplane Monthly Jul-89
Rosenberg Joeseph L Irish Conscription, 1941 Eire – Ireland – Irish American Cultural Institute Spring 1979
Scannell James Helping hand from across the border Irelands Own 05/18/2001, Pg.29
Scannell James The night the Germans bombed Dublin. Irelands Own 15/12/2000, Pg. 12
Scannell James They answered the call to duty Irelands Own 22/09/2000, Pg. 12
Scannell James The San Demetrio Irelands Own 21-Mar-03
Scannell James Irish Lights tender “Isolda” sunk by German bomber. Irelands Own 22/12/2000, Pg. 28
Unknown ? Irelands unsung heroes of a tragedy in the Clyde Irelands Own ?
Unknown ? Nazi of Dublin was not accidental Irish Times 19/06/97 Irish Times
Unknown ? Hitler’s Irish Propaganda Machine Irish Times Saturday, 25/04/1998 Irish Times
Unknown ? Valour of Sailor honoured Irish Times Tuesday, 15/06/1999 Irish Times
Unknown Unknown The History of the Irish Air Corps - Part 1: The Early Aircraft Aero Ireland Vol. 1; No. 2 1979 Kilkenny People
Unknown Unknown Nazi bombing of Dublin was 'not accidental' The Irish Times Thursday, 19/06/1997
Various ? Dun Laoghaire during the Emergency In the Minds Eye- Memories of Dun Laoghaire - Dun Laoghaire Borough Heritage Society 1991; Pg. 27 – 31 Brookfield Printing

Contents of Ireland in the Second World War. Back
  1. PREFACE 7
  2. Irish neutrality in historical perspective 9 John A. Murphy
  3. Politics in wartime: governing, neutrality and elections 24 Brian Girvin
  4. Northern Ireland: the impact of war, 1939-45 47 Brian Barton
  5. Neutrality and the volunteers: Irish and British government policy towards the Irish volunteers 76 Cormac Kavanagh
  6. Irish heroes of the Second World War 91 Richard Doherty
  7. The oral history of the volunteers 107 Aidan McElwaine
  8. Irish workers in Britain during World War Two 121 Tracey Connolly
  9. M15's Irish memories: fresh light on the origins and rationale of Anglo-lrish security liaison in the Second World War 133 Eunan O'Halpin
  10. Censorship as propaganda: the neutralisation of Irish public opinion during the Second World War 151 Donal (J Drisceoil
  11. Three narratives of neutrality: historians and Ireland's war 165 Geoffrey Roberts
  13. INDEX 183

Contents of Irish Sword, Special Edition Back
  1. Defence and the new Irish state, 1919-39 Peter Young 1
  2. Mobi1isation and expansion, 1939-40 Denis Parsons 11
  3. Mr De Valera's appreciation 18
  4. The emergency army Donal O'Carroll 19
  5. Plans and operations Colm Mangan 47
  6. Aspects of intelligence ..., ; ,: Eunan O'Halpin 57
  7. The emergency services Jim Dukes 66
  8. Powder and ball company, L.D:F.71
  9. Transition to peace James P. Coyle 72
  10. The Marine Service Daire Brunicardi 77
  11. Air aspects of the emergency Aidan Quigley 86
  12. The coastwatching service Owen Quinn 91
  13. Germany and Ireland in World War II John P. Duggan 93
  14. U.S. -Irish relations, 1939-45 Joseph Carroll 99
  15. Anglo-lrish Diplomatic Relations and World War II Dermot Keogh & Aengus Dolan 106
  16. 'Bending the beam': myth and reality in the bombing of Coventry, Belfast and Dublin Richard Hawkins 131
  17. Curragh mess fare, March 1942 ., 144 ,