Irish Air Corps 1939-45


Updated - 2nd October 2002

My models of Emergency Period Irish Air Corps Aircraft

Avro Anson I Gloster Gladiator I Westland Lysander I
Anson01 Left Front View
Anson02 Right Side view
Anson03 Plan view of camouflage.
Gladiator01 Port Side View
Gladiator02 Starboard Side
Gladiator03 Underneath of the aircraft
Lysander01 Right Side view
Lysander02 Starboard (Right) Front Quarter view
Lysander03 Port (Left) Side View
Lysander04 Bottom view

The models were modeled using the Decal sheet from Max Decal. I chose to go with the camouflaged version of all aircraft as many of the existing samples found on the internet go with the pre-war colours. The Lysander of course was camouflaged from day one.

Some notes on the models in the photos! I painted the camouflage all around the Gladiator fuselage. I cannot confirm if this is correct. The photo I used do not help. To plan the paint scheme layout I used a combination of the decal sheet instructions and photos of the aircraft. I'm fairly happy that my end result is a close approximation to correct. The kit used was the Revell (Ex Matchbox) Gladiator I kit. You may not note that I messed up the upper wing such that it is about 1 or 2 mm too low on the model..but not a word. Helpful hint: Attach upper wing first using the center struts, This is a solid installation. Then put in the bottom wing and outer struts so that the lower wing has the correct dihedral etc.

Air Corps Strength

Listing of the Air Corps strength during the conflict. Complied by Jack McKillop.