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Who am I?

I am Gopinath Chennupati, called as Nath in and around the research circles. I have completed PhD from Bio-Computing and Developmental Systems Group in Computer Science and Information Systems department, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland.

Prof.Conor Ryan was my advisor, a renowned Gentic Programming researcher and one of the inventors of Grammatical Evolution. The primary research goal of the thesis was to automatically generate compilable parallel computer programs that when executed can exploit the compute capabilities of on-chip multi-cores. I used Grammatical Evolution (Genetic Algorithm + Context Free Grammars) for the synthesis of parallel programs that in fact makes it exciting and challenging too.

For a complete summary, please look at my CV


2012- - 2015 PhD Computer Science, University of Limerick
Thesis: Grammatical Evolution + Multi-Cores = Automatic Parallel
Advisor: Prof.Conor Ryan
2010 - - 2011 Masters Web Technologies, National College of Ireland
Thesis: Adaptation of Web Services based on User Preferences & User
Advisor: Dr.Stephan Weibelzahl
2006 - - 2010 B.Tech I.T, Vignan's Engineering College
Project: Vignan University Transport Automation
Advisor: A.Raghunath