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X on the Web, X11R6.3 (Broadway)

Running X apps through a web browser.

A guide to setting up X on the Web with Linux and Apache.

Whats X on the Web

X on the Web is one the term for the ability of X11R6.3 (broadway) to run X apps through a web browser, if the web browser has an appropiate plugin and if the web browser has the xrx mimetype registered with it. Other names are xrx and XWeb.

What you need serverside

What you need clientside

Setting it up with the example

  • Make sure you have the above items.
  • Unpack xclock.tar.gz, it contains xclock.rx and
  • Place xclock.rx in a publically accessable web directory
  • copy into the webservers cgi-bin directory. btw it wont work for me if i use ~username/cgi-bin dir the way apache is set up here.
  • edit xclock.rx to reflect the position of
  • edit to reflect where X is on your system, i.e the project_root variable and change the proxymngr variable to point at the system that the webserver is running on
  • add the following line to the mime.types file in the conf directory of whereever you installed apache.
  •  application/x-rx        rx xrx
  • now restart the web server
  • now download the plugin and put it in ~/.netscape/plugins or /usr/local/netscape/plugins, or whereever you usually put plugins.

Be warned that you will probably have to set the environmental variable NPX_PLUGIN_PATH to where the plugin directory is.

under tcsh

 setenv NPX_PLUGIN_PATH ~/.netscape/.plugins

under bash


stick the bash NPX_PLUGIN_PATH line into your .xsession and the appropiate shell lines into the startup config files for that shell.

  • restart netscape
  • open the location of xclock.rx and you should get xclock running in your web browser, pretty snazzy eh ?

Test Your Setup

Run the xclock example ( Run the xtetris example (

"You`ve got serverside and clientside mixed up"

I know that when using the words clientside with X, it means where the X app binary is being executed, and serverside is where the X app is displayed. But in this case we`ve also got the webserver which is in its own parlance is running serverside and the webbrowser is the client and runs clientside. So i know full well that the clientside of the X app is running on the serverside from a http point of view, and im calling that serverside coz its just easier to understand, and vice versa i know that the X app is displayed on the XServer which in that case is situated on the client side of the http connection.


This page is referenced as a related link in a microsoft patent (,956,483%27.WKU.&OS=PN/5,956,483&RS=PN/5,956,483), not that I can see the connection myself.


XWeb Home (

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