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Accepted, in 0.5

Make Single Space Indented Paras formatted as pre text


To make single space indented paras in webmake formatted as pre enclosed blocks rather than blockquote, which is still done for tab indented or when more than one space is used

How to Apply

 get webmake release 0.5
 tar xvzf HTML-WebMake-0.5.tar.gz
 cd HTML-WebMake-0.5
 patch -p1 < ../file.patch (or whatever you called it) 
 perl Makefile.PL

Modified Files


Caolan McNamara (2000) <>

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Patch Against HTML-WebMake-0.5
Last generated at Sun Feb 7 00:45:01 2016 Caolán McNamara <> Created with WebMake/0.5