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Automake and install fixes


a proposed patch against smash 0.10 to

  1. use libtool to create the plugins
  2. use standard install locations for all the components
  3.  cd smash-0.10
     patch -p1 < ../patch

In detail...

uses libtool to create the shared libraries that are the plugins, the current explicit gcc command line options to create them do not work for me on solaris for example, so I libtoolized it ( the patch implements this. Theres a few additions to the and a in the plugins dir to do it. Works under linux and solaris for sure, might get a load of other platforms for free.

Also it fiddles things so as to place the plugins in /usr/local/lib/smash after make install (which is how most applications install their plugins), this is overrideable with the usual --prefix etc options

the queue dir stores modifyable data, there is a configure option --localstatedir which is for setting the location of modifyable data, so thats munged that in as well.

the dir to put config.cfg, there is a configure option --sysconfdir which is for configuration files like that.

There's three additions to acconfig.h that get added to to support this, + a requirement for a little hack which is in aclocal.m4 but included in the autoconf dir for reference (can go in personal share/aclocal dir for instance)

The man pages were installed into man/docs/filename rather than man/filename. Moved things around a little to get it to do the expected thing.

Caolan McNamara (2000) <>

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Patch Against smash-0.10
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