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Allow Any Linked List To Be Used in S-Lang Scrolling Interface


S-Lang has a scrolling api, but it depends on the linked list being used for lines to have the next and prev pointers in exactly the same location as it assumes internally. I want to use a glib linked list, and needless to say the data pointer is first in glib and last in s-lang.

This adds two function pointers to the scrolling structure which can be set by the user to custom functions to return next and previous pointers in the list. If set to 0, the default, then the original behaviour of an assumption that the prev and next pointers are when s-lang hopes to find them takes place.

How to Apply Patch

 get slang.tar.gz release 1.4.4
 tar xvzf slang-1.4.4.tar.gz
 cd slang-1.4.4
 patch -p1 < /tmp/slang.patch			(or whereever you put the patch)

Modified Files

This patch modifies

  • slscroll.c
  • slang.h

Caolan McNamara (2001) <>

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Patch Against slang-1.4.4
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