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OLE2 SummaryStream Support for "file"


Adds the ability to "file" to parse the SummaryInformation stream of ole2 files in an attempt to find the application name that created the document.

How To Apply

 get file release 3.27 
 tar xvzf file-3.27.tar.gz
 cd file-3.27
 patch -p1 < ../file.patch (or whatever you called it)

to test without installing do

 ./file -m magic_file ole_document

where the location of your current magic_file can be got by checking man magic.


This patch looks for a SummaryInformation stream in an ole file, if it finds it it then checks for the APP_NAME of the application that created the file.

This patch is a cut and paste job from wvSummary which can display all the summary fields of an ole document. wvSummary is part of my wvWare (

Caolan McNamara (1999) <>

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