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This patch is incorporated into the official version. So this is now purely archival material

Root Window Support


Adds the abilities to...

  1. run xbomb in the root window,
  2. sucessfully magnify the 320x200 image to an integer value of that resolution under X,
  3. tile xbomb on the root window,
  4. use the background pixmap to remove unslightly blank spaces on expose events,
  5. use the X Shared Memory Extension to speed up graphics.
  6. allow bomb to receive keypresses pressed in the root window, (watch out for such things as sloppy focus and click to focus though).
  7. allow bomb to work with xscreensaver.

How to Apply Patch

 get bomb.tar.gz release 1.18	
 tar -xvzf bomb.tar.gz
 cd bomb
 patch < /tmp/bomb.patch			(or whereever you put the patch)

Modified Files

This patch modifies

  • bomb.c
  • defs.h
  • fast.c
  • manual.txt
  • Makefile

and adds the files

  • xshm.c & xshm.h from the xscreensaver distribution

theres also a modification to the manual which lists the new -root -tile -magnify and other options.


As the root window is hardly likely to be at the standard bomb resolution of 320x200 the image will have to be magnified, which slows bomb down by quite a bit when in root window mode, using -tile is the recommended mode to run bomb in as its the fastest and the nicest looking, and allows optimum background pixmap utilization to make moving windows over bomb smooth.

Caolan McNamara (1999) <>

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Patch Against bomb-1.18
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