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I have handed maintainership of libwv to Dom Lachowicz, all information on wv can be found at

wv, Microsoft Word 95/97/2000 Import Library

Read INSTALL for install information, basically pretty standard requirements for a modern unix program plus libwmf to convert wmf files to something useful.

Theres now a small herd of programs based upon libwv.

1) wvHtml, this is what you are looking for, it converts word 6,7.8,9 files to html, man wvHtml for its details

2) wvHtml --config wvLaTeX.xml attempt to convert word documents to latex

3) wvSummary, displays the summary information stream of all ole2 files, i.e excel, powerpoint, visio, access etc etc etc, ive sent wvSummary as a patch to the file program, so that utility should in the future have this ability to know what windows application created the ole2 document.

4) wvSimpleCLX, helps distinguish between fast and full saved files

5) wvVersion, outputs the version of the word format which the document is stored as.


6) There are helper applications in the helper-scripts dir that allow both lynx and netscape to view word 8 docs easily

7) The gateway dir contains the cgi script that allows the online demo page that some people wanted for themselves.

The webpage with the online demo facility is at


8) libwv can be used as a library by third party programs, abiword uses it as its word importer, and kword may use it in the future. wvHtml is a sample application for the use of wv, as is abiword itself. The library (will be some day) documented in the Documentation dir

9) the config file format is (beginning to be) documented in the Documentation dir, so it may be possible to achieve the conversion that you desire without writing your own program. It also allows you to customize the html and latex output to your own tastes.


(Projects for someone to try out with libwv include, could be commercial applications)

a) wvMacroRemove, deletes macros out of word files, for the security concious

b) wvFastToFull, converts fastsaved docs to full saved, shrinking their size usually by quite a lot, and also making them safe for security consious firms

c) wvCrackProtection, take the wvDecrypt97 code and make a cracker that uses the rc4 algorithm and other known bit of information to crack word documents, ala

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