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winresdump, windows ne/pe resource dumper


winresdump (windows resource dumper) is a little utility I threw together to get a dump of the resources in windows ne and pe executables. ne are the 16 bit win 3.1 executables, pe are the 32bit ones.

usage: winresdump something.exe

For any dib/icon and curson graphics it comes across embedded in the ne resources it will create image*.bmp files from them by prepending a bmp header and dumping them out to file.


Compiling should be trivial, and should work on just about any platform. i.e.

 gcc -o winresdump *.c -lm


As always ico and cur graphics have the height field twice their actual height, so this is halved before dumping.

I only tested it on one ne file, and on whatever pe files were on my sad little windows partition but this is sort of a handy utility that might be of use to someone.


Here are some potential projects to extend this for someone.

  1. Take a windows binary and extract the menus and dialog information if it exists in the .exe, parse and convert that into gtk or someother X widget equivalent. While you don't get a unix clone of the app automatically at least you get a lot of the grunt work of determining what is in the menus and dialogs. And making gtk equivalents automatically makes a port of an existing windows app that much faster. The included dlgtogtk program is a sort of start on this, but its really ultra alpha.
  2. Make a library out of this with the same functionality and similiar interface to the microsoft pefile library as documented in the doc subdirectory.

Copying is allowed under the GPL licence, see for details.


Caolan McNamara (1999) <>

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