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A cunning utility that converts .ivt files back into standard html. .ivt files are the file format of the Microsoft InfoViewer program. This format was the native help format used with DevStudio for a while, also the MSDN subscriber CD's shipped during at least 1998 contained their documentation in this format.

The reason I wrote it was to convert the MSDN documentation for the Office 97 File Formats into readable HTML for the wv project ( The infoviewer program only ran under windows which was not acceptable.


copy ivt2html manually to a bin directory

ivtdump and mszpdump are dumping programs that might be of some use for debugging and extending ivt2html


Basically the ivt files are simple containers of multiple other files, some of these other files are compressed with one of microsoft's standard compresion techniques. Of the compressed files, one will be the compressed html content, one might be an optional css file (cascading stylesheet) and one will be a table of contents file. Other files are the uncompressed stoplist and the differently (and ineffeciently) compressed findex file.

.ivi files can be dumped with the included ivtdump as well. There are a group of files contained inside each .ivt and .ivi. The ones that are compressed with the header mszp and nszp can be decompressed with mszpdump. The others are either plain text the stoplist files, or trivial compression the ftindex. stoplist files are words not to be searched for with a search engine, ftindex are words which are to be searched for with a search engine, like meta tags. I have some hacked code to decompress the ftindex words, but they are not important to me so I discontinued work on that.


It would be reasonably trivial to create .ivt files from a given html file. This isn't done here because...

  1. microsoft has phased out the infoviewer program and file format in favour of more modern ones
  2. I had no personal need to create .ivt files

Download and examine the source for more details and information






  • infoviewer file format
  • ivt ivi
  • mszp
  • microsoft compression format
  • DevStudio Help Format
  • microsoft Compressed Html
  • visual studio help file format

Caolan McNamara (2000) <>

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