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Posted on: Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Subject: Plan changes...

Well after the terrorist stuff in Bali, I think I'll be trying to get myself out of my current flight arrangements and go straight to Sydney from Thailand... I think it would be best idea I could have..

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Posted on: Thursday, October 10, 2002

Subject: October Update

Well I'm back from the trek early, dog bite on the 4th Oct followed by horse ride, bad nights sleep, helicopter evacuation on 5th., 7 shots of 10.6ml of HRIG in the bite, one rabies vaccine. Another vaccine on the 8th, and one coming up on the 12th.

I'll get the site up to date as soon as the lads return from the trek as they have the notes on what we did each day and my memory of each day isn't sure of certain things on what days and what times.

Stuck in Kathmandu might go to Pokhara in between the next two shots, have a bit of a flu, probably from the vaccine or else the bloody streets in Kathmandu (pollution!!). Reading lots of bloody books, Foundation series for the second time is doing well.... and I hear I might be in the UL student newspaper An Focal, if I can find it....

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Subject: 29 Sep 2002 - Kathmandu to Khudi

Got up early and met up with everyone around 6:15am, stored stuff in the hotel and headed for the bus. The bus was small and we put our gear on the roof, a few mins later someone tried to charge us for helping put our stuff up.. (they'd try anything here). Took ages to get out of Kathmandu, as the traffic was pretty bad, then we wound our way through the hills and nice dangerous roads (and driving!!) to get to Dumre. At Dumre we got dropped outside a hotel who sold us tickets for a bus to Besishar.

A bus pulled up soon afterwards and we were piled onto it along with our luggage in the aisleway which wasn't particularly good. The bus had a dodgy Indian movie on video and it was turned up to the last which didn't help. The bus got stopped for close to an hour to get through an army checkpost. All the locals got out and walked through we got to sit on the bus (it was bloody hot also). We got to Besishar around 4pm and arrived in a lot of confusion. All the local touts were standing around trying to get the 5 of us (me, Darryl, Gerry, Ayala and Sharon) and two other guys to stay in there places. The bus driver told us the bus would go a bit further through the town to where trekking started, but then someone told us he probably wouldn't move it due to pressure from the touts. We signed into the police checkpost and the ACAP (conservation project) checkpost, and we decided we head for Khudi the first town on Annapurna Circuit there and then as opposed to stay in Besishar which was bloody oppressive and I'm surprised with the amount of touts if anyone stays there!! Trekking for about 1.5hrs (I think) to get to Khudi, mostly along a big trail (with one scary enough bridge). Picked the first place we got to in Khudi, and by the looks of it so did everyone else on the route. A big group of Kiwis were there ahead f us. The owner of the hotel gave us all a slideshow of the area along with some of the mountains we could see the next morning. Decided to get up early the next morning and get moving before the heat really built up in the day as were at very low altitudes.

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Subject: 28 Sep 2002 - Kathmandu

Not much memory of this day now.. got packed for the next day, wandered around, went for dinner in Alices Resturaunt (quite nice), went to bed bloody early to get up for bus next morning.

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Posted on: Saturday, September 28, 2002

Subject: 27 Sep 2002 - Kathmandu

Got up for 9am to get our permits sorted out, then went shopping again. Bought new head torch, and some other things I needed for the trekking. Decided to leave Kathmandu on the 29th morning. Went to see a slide show about part of the trek we are doing, which had some really nice slides, but was perhaps a bit longer than was required to impart the information!!

Got bus tickets to Dumre where we have to get another bus to the start of the trekking spot.

Went out for steak to the K-Too Steak Restauraunt, a lot of steak and some Guinness were had. Probably way too much. Went for a couple of bars until 4am and crawled home, surprisingly not took drunk, after deciding I probably needed to be able to walk to go trekking!!!

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Posted on: Friday, September 27, 2002

Subject: 26 Sep 2002 - Kathmandu

Hung around Kathmandu, buying stuff, signing forms saying we were going trekking and where. Darryl found Gerry eventually, and we met up with him and his girlfriend and her friend who were on their way out of Nepal, for dinner.

also noticed I'd lost my head torch at some point in my travels over the last week .. which pissed me off no end..

unsure whether we were going to go trekking on the 28th or 29th, in order to give Gerry some time to get himself organised.

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Posted on: Thursday, September 26, 2002

Subject: 25 Sep 2002 - Bangkok / and finally Kathmandu

Woke up early in the morning, bloody tired, and Ayala (who was sharing the room) headed down to find out about the plane and they said oh 6am for breakfast now. I cleaned my boots in the sink as revenge for that, and went back to sleep until 6am. Got up had breakfast, talked to some people finally around 9am we were told time to airport at 9:30am.

All hearded onto a bus and back to the airport checkin counter, where I managed to secure a right hand side window seat (for good views of Himalayas - didn't matter it was cloudy). Bummed airport again and finally flight left around 2pm, 24 hrs later than it was meant to.

Got to Kathmandu 3 hrs later, spent nearly 2 hrs in the visa queues due to the airport having been closed for a day. Met Darryl in airport found where he was going. Kathmandu was 1:15 mins different than Bangkok (what's with 15mins?). Got a taxi to take us into centre of Kathmandu and found a place to stay. Met Darryl again, and went looking for Gerry who was joining us, but no sign of him at his hotel so we left a message, went for some dinner and crashed out.

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Subject: 24 Sep 2002 - Bangkok (not Kathmandu)

Got up early, went to post office in the pissing rain and posted home stuff I no longer needed with me, went to Boots for some stuff for Nepal (no diamox!!). Hurried and got the bus to the airport at 10am, got airport at 11:30, and met up with Ayala at the check-in desk. The flight was due to go at 14:10.

Informed by the airline that there was some problems with Nepal International Airport (crash was mentioned) and they could go nowhere. So did lots of hanging around, until around 1pm when they said they would bring us all to a hotel until 6pm that evening when more info would be available.

Myself, Ayala and an American called Sean (he had two kayaks with him) and a 10 Nepalese (with about 90 bags) decided to hang back in the airport. Airport had Internet and food. Bummed around until 6pm or so, met up with Darryl who was flying to Dhaka that evening on his way to Kathmandu.

I found the office of the airline when no-one showed at the desk and they sent me back with oh problems still at airport.

A helicopter had crashed on the runway closing it for international flights, internal flights used smaller planes and half the runway.

So we got transferred to a nice hotel in Bangkok at 7 or so, checked in had dinner and were told to be back up at 3am for transfer back. Went to bed and slept for a few hours.

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Posted on: Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Subject: 23 Sep 2002 - Bangkok

Not much happening day, got up around 3pm, wondered what happened the night before, collected photos, laundry, got stuff ready for posting and scanned photos in. Went to bed early as lots to do the following morning.

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Posted on: Monday, September 23, 2002

Subject: 22 Sept 2002 - Bangkok

Woke up on train, ate my half a banana cake. Got into BK around 11am, and took a taxi to the Kho Shan Rd area. Just about to check into the same place I'd stayed previously but met Darryl at the counter checking out (which was handy). Got a double room in an another guesthouse. Met up with Ayala (Israeli girl we travelled with in Laos for a while), who is also going to Nepal trekking with us. Also managed to pick up my plane tickets!!

Attempted to find an Irish pub in BK showing the All Ireland. Headed to Silom Rd area which is one of the main centres of BK. Failed miserably, went for dinner and then went for a drink in an Irish bar just to have one. The place was tacky central (part of an Irish pub chain) with a Canandian band (with a fiddle player) playing Celtic rock as they called it. Loud and not great so left after a while and headed back to the Kho Shan road area where we went on a session.

Drunk, very drunk, memories are few and include, giving money to the monks at 6am or so, walking past the bar with the blackened windows (from previous time) because the cops were outside it, going to a nightclub on KS rd before going to the 24hr bar in the guesthouse I'd stayed at previously. Not sure how I got back to room, won't be doing that again for a long while.

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