Reading Current Society News

Written by Mel Gorman

It might not always be obvious, but the society is very active and a lot does happen. The main problem is that the society rarely meets up as one group. As the society has in excess of 600 accounts with approximatly 350 on campus, it's not practical to meet up. So, been a computer society, we have an obvious alternative for broadcasting out the news.

The first is the Message Of The Day (MOTD). This message is displayed every time a user logs in and is the first thing that is seen. It is important that an eye is kept on this page to see changes. If the news is brief, this is where it will appear.

At the end of the message of the day, another message may appear saying that there is unread news. These are important articles related to the society such as a new service being offered or a critical change being made to a current service. If you see this, type news and the article will be printed out in full.

A mailing list of the entire society exists. New users are subscribed to this and all users were subscribed on the day it was created. For very important news, this list will be mailed. This covers things such as an upcoming event, a society meeting (a rariety), upcoming workshops or a call for help organising the society. Users may unsubscribe from this list and instructions are included to that effect at the bottom of each mail sent to the list. We encourage members not to unsubscribe as it is important you know what the society is doing besides pushing buttons.

If you wish to contact the committee of the society, mail

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