The University of Limerick Computer Society (Skynet):

Acceptable Usage Policy

Table of Contents:

  1. Background & Definitions.

  2. Acceptable Usage.

  3. Skynet Code of Behaviour.

Section 1: Background & Definitions.

  1. Skynet is the name given to the collection of networking services and facilities that support the communication requirements of the members of the University of Limerick Computer Society.

  2. The University of Limerick computer society was founded to bring people of a common interest in computers together in the University of Limerick. The society is open to various categories of members, these being: members, external members & University Clubs/Societies.

  3. This policy requires all users of the services and facilities provided by Skynet to adhere strictly to the acceptable usage policies of both the Information Technology Division (ITD) of the University of Limerick and HEAnet.

  4. Skynet may provide services to third parties provided that, in doing so, there is benefit to the membership of the society and it is not in direct contravention of the acceptable usage policies of ITD or HEAnet.

Section 2: Acceptable Usage.

Skynet services should be used in such a way as to:

  • Apply member funding only to the purposes to which was voted;

  • Abide by the law of the land;

  • Abide by the Acceptable Usage Policies of ITD and HEAnet where applicable;

  • Abide by the Skynet Acceptable Usage Policy;

  • Abide by the University of Limerick Computer Society Constitution;

  • Abide by the guidelines set down by Clubs &; Societies Council.

Skynet will actively seek sponsorship and other assistance towards its aims and objectives from university and private sources as appropriate.

Section 3: Skynet Code of Behaviour.

Skynet provides enabling and enhancing services for it s members in the pursuance of their activities of instruction, research, development, communication, and for administration in direct support of such use.

It is not permitted to use Skynet services for any activity which purposely:

  • Seeks to gain unauthorised access to any computer or computer network.

  • Adversely affects the operation of Skynet services or jeopardises the use or performance for other users.

  • Wastes resources (people, capacity, computer)(1) .

  • Destroys the integrity of computer-based information.

  • Compromises the privacy of users.

  • Creates, hosts, or transmits (other than for properly supervised and lawful purposes) any unlawful, libellous, abusive, vulgar, obscene or indecent images, data or other material, or any data capable of being resolved into obscene or indecent images or material.

  • Creates or transmits defamatory material subject to the law of the land.

  • Transmits material in such a way to infringe the copyright of another person or organisation.

  • Transmit or host unsolicited commercial or advertising material.

  • Conflicts with practices or policies of the Skynet Committee and/or Administration team.

  • Contravenes with the law of the State (in particular, but not exclusively, the Data Protection Act and the Criminal Damages Act (1991)).

Members may be contacted by the Skynet Committee or Administration Team, from time to time, requesting the removal of specific material from web-sites or newsgroups being hosted by members and providing that it is technically practical to do so, members must comply to such notices within forty eight hours though this may be waived if the System Administration Team deem the content to be an unacceptable risk to the society.

When violation of the Acceptable Usage policy occurs the violating member will be informed by a mail from the Administration Team detailing the violation and the resulting action being taken against the member for the misconduct. The member has the opportunity to appeal any decision made by the Skynet Committee or Administration Team with regard to discipline by calling for a meeting of the Society Discipline Committee where the member in question can state their case. However, the decision of the Discipline Committee is final.

Violations of the Acceptable Usage policy can result in temporary dis-userment (2), complete dis-userment from the society, removal from the society and/or on the advice of Clubs & Societies Officials be passed on to higher authorities be they civil or university based.


  1. The definition of this article is at the discretion of the Administration Team.

  2. We, the members of the University of Limerick Computer Society, define the term .dis-userment. to mean the removal of an individuals right to use the services or facilities provided by our society.

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